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Lives in Canada · 23 years old
The Creation Of Us
I originally wrote this story for my Cultral Currents class I got the idea walking to school actully and I am quite proud of what I wrote especially since I don't believe in god....but my story I can ...
What he needs to know...
-She sat thinking about him; nothing could take her mind off him. She knew this would be hard for her, this distance. She sat there listening to love songs and sad songs. Even though she wanted to wri...
There once was a girl. She was like a dream come true. Everything about her was perfect. The way her eyes shined. The way her nose crinkled when she laughed. The way she giggled when I gave her surpri...
Day One (Short Story)
-It was the first day of secondary 5, Ricky was tiered fed up. “Really, first day of school on a Friday” he though angrily. He sighed and pulled his hoodie around him and put his earphones in while he...
Short story not exactly done but what do you think
In an Otherworld stood a man on the curb picking his guitar, he went into his own world, his own small paradise. He was a quiet, Notinal man with a Peppery side yet, he never let that side Invade his ...