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Lives in Girne, Indiana Turkey · Born on September 28, 1992
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September 28, 1992
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August 1, 2016
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April 10, 2010
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About Me
I was born in Greece, when i was 16 i went to Italy to UWC.
In August 2012 i moved to America to attend university.
I live with the dream that one day I will live in Gaza, Palestine. In a FREE Palestine.
I smoke, drink, used to be self destructive but not anymore.
My favorite color is black, my favorite animals are cats and iguanas.
i have been told that I am a pretty easy going person so yeah,
if you wanna know more about me shoot me a line Smile
Who I'd Like to Meet
but so you know, if you are planning on talking to me in order to have fun through trying to offend me don't even think about it.
I am not going to fight with you and give you all the satisfaction you are looking for just because your sex life does not exist or because you were bullied at school and now you are trying to bully people virtually.
well, thanks for reading and I hope we are going to talk soon Smile
i can watch any possible type of movie, i just need the right mood.
I also watch lots of random series.
giving you an example of how random i am with these things the last 3 things i watched were Family Guy, How I Met Your mother, and Sweeny Todd (yes the awesome musical)
I listen to music all the time but I am weird about it. usually I listen to one genre or one artist for a period of time (week-month) and then I move on to something different. of course after a while I start all over and I listen to the same things.
I love singing. Back home I used to sing with different choral groups for about 7 years, and also for 1 year i did solo singing. In Italy for two years I did again solo singing and i was part of the choral group. Since I came here to the US i have been singing with the Concert Choir of my College.
I play the mandoline, the piano a little bit and some types of percussion.
I used to read a lot any possible kind of books but now in college i don't have as much time as before, and the same goes for my poem\stories writing.
play the mandoline
read books
write poems
ufff... so many, as I mentioned above it always depends on the mood.
but what I would definitely never ever listen to is country music.