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Topic: Writing

Miss Annalisa
On Your Own Accord 2
*~*Closing my laptop, I inspected the list that my research had produced.1. Be stable – show her that you will stick around even if things get tough.2. Provide – give her gifts without a reason.3. Lis...
Miss Annalisa
On Your Own Accord 1
Summary openingHi, I’m Bridget Craig, college student, “heiress”, and the housemate of a two hundred year old vampire who is prone to boredom and violent acts against my dates. Did I mention I’m said ...
Miss Annalisa
I'm baaaaaack
So sorry for being MIA for so long. I return with goodies though. I've gotten sucked into the world of the Blog-A-Book and have two regular episode-like stories. S. Holmes - A genderbender take of Sh...
Topics: writing
Miss Annalisa
Sample time! #1. Price *NSFW warning*
A.N. Demo from my latest brain storming moment- one that was supposed to be a short but ended up as another novel in the works. Enjoy and R&R please, I'd like to see how many on here would like to se...
Miss Annalisa
Gothers short movie (work in progress)
Feel free to shout out ideas- this is the first draft of the script (the first 20 or so slides, full beginning and ending are done) and thus nothing has been done as of yet with editing or sketching. ...