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Topic: society

A Consequence of History
As Australia Day nears, I have come to ponder its existence. Australia really doesn't have a culture. It's a bastard country, made of immigrants, natives and convicts. With a smattering of Illegals in...
Akasha Wolfhaven
Take Me
  Take me in your arms and hold me while we sleep and dream. Take me in your heart and love me when things go rough and not what they seem. Take me in your mind and connect with me to read our though...
Akasha Wolfhaven
Glass Houses With Throwing Stones
  The neighborhood full of shining, glass houses lined up in a pretty little row speak perfection and superiority to the brick houses that lay on the other side of the street. This war goes on every ...
Akasha Wolfhaven
A Mouthful of Joy
She glides down his torso with her tongue slowly with the salty taste of his skin tickling her nerve endings when she arrived to her destination where his dreams are in full vision. She opens her mou...
Akasha Wolfhaven
                                                                                                                            Touch your pleasure. Touch your pleasure. Touch me...with y...