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Topic: night

Robin B. Czar
Until the Morning Breaks
Until the Morning Breaks   The raging winds outside, the hut is deep in snow. Apart from you there is no other human soul, The winter storm it howls, it's banging at the door.   The pictures on the wa...
Topics: Darkness, hope, winter, night
The Quest for the Holy Aimee
I'm going to address that goth chicks are hot. There, I said it. I'm not ashamed of it, or care what you think. They are simply hot. They have knowledge of the dark arts, stories and just have a smoot...
Topics: Aimee, Night
I cry for the day
I cry for the day for it does not like me my skin so wight my eyes turn red I have no choose in witch I live for my bed is a grave in witch I lie by day and I leave by night I see my pray my food is m...
Topics: vampire, poem, night