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Topic: Gothic

Beings Mythos
Let the Dead Die (Zombie Apocalypse)
It came from lands across the sea This evil that man continues to let be Finding those in the pit of despair Blinding the light that would lead them from there I watch them dragging their feet, talkin...
Beings Mythos
Those Brown Eyes
I look into that gorgeous brown Sharing her face a saddened frown In spite of all she has going Her tears still continue flowing As she disappears I'm pale Hurting deep inside my soul Love lays await...
Beings Mythos
All Encompassing
The wind and the stream glide Leaves and the petals float Hand of mother earth guides Her warmth, everything, it coats Look at those baby blues The birth of a new soul Life precious when it's new The ...
Topics: poetry, lyrics, gothic, death, life
Beings Mythos
If We Make It Alive
I went into this with naive passion But farther up river closer to the source I found all the things you deny confession To find answers, through walls I have to force We will learn a lot from this I...
Beings Mythos
Baptism by Fire (original prompt)
Once my country was so strong. Alas though, it's greatest virtue was it's greatest flaw. This was diversity. Diversity so great, so beautiful, yet terminal. Severed from our minds was the ability to t...