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Topic: dark

Miss Annalisa
Gothers short movie (work in progress)
Feel free to shout out ideas- this is the first draft of the script (the first 20 or so slides, full beginning and ending are done) and thus nothing has been done as of yet with editing or sketching. ...
Miss Annalisa
At The Seventh Toll
I hold you close this night For I fear that if I ever let you go That you will disappear when I wake. In your deep deadening sleep you to the same. You hold me against you tightly. I smell the dista...
The Kreep
I Am The Original The Kreep
Sadly, when this site crashed and I lost all my friends and their lovely poetry to the virtual wind, another from Japan took my user name The Kreep. He is not I nor I him. Please, if you were a frie...
The Kreep
The Kreep Wordpress Blog
Dearest kreepy kritters, Not to take away from my beloved Gothers, but if you would like to read n' see my daily kreepy thoughts n' etchings, copy n' paste into browser:
Venemous Poison [song]
wow it's been 3 years since I read this and I can still remember the melody ^^. I forgot how much I liked this one. I'll give a brief description; it was written when I'd pretty much given up on the i...