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Topic: dark

Akasha Wolfhaven
Pact With the Serpants
Rejuvenating, recovery, and reducing the evil once lived inside myself as the horrible took over as hideous as I have become to be the heir to the royal serpents that made me dance the steps to what ...
Akasha Wolfhaven
Romantic Encounters with a Man Named Death
He came to my dreams as he whispered sweet nothings of romance that tempted me to dance to the of sweet surrender as I almost went through.Blackness behind my lids as I took every drink of ale seen t...
Akasha Wolfhaven
The Other Side of the Mirror
Looking into a reflection of who I once knew, as she was wanting to come out to play. The day I let her out from the other side of the mirror was signing my death warrant and lead me to dismay. The l...
Akasha Wolfhaven
They swarm around surrounding you with guilt, shame, feeding you their leftovers from the dead souls that were abandoned, tossed, casted out regurgitating in your mouth words of broken promises, hope...
Miss Annalisa
Gothers short movie (work in progress)
Feel free to shout out ideas- this is the first draft of the script (the first 20 or so slides, full beginning and ending are done) and thus nothing has been done as of yet with editing or sketching. ...