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Topic: dark

Miss Annalisa
At The Seventh Toll
I hold you close this night For I fear that if I ever let you go That you will disappear when I wake. In your deep deadening sleep you to the same. You hold me against you tightly. I smell the dista...
Miss Annalisa
The Guardian
O my guardian angel How often do you find yourself watching over me in sorrow? How often do you wish to pull me away from the ways of man? To protect me from myself? Do you ever wish you were as morta...
Miss Annalisa
The parlor
Old walls speak their age, furniture show mild use. Everything smells musky Faded smell of flowers linger here in the musk. The feeling of this place says, “Be silent watch and listen.” The body obeys...
Topics: death, dark, gothic, grief, silence
Miss Annalisa
Music boxes Marry go rounds Dolls Dresses Princess tiaras All gather dust now. No longer needed, long forgotten. No longer wanted, no longer remembered. A child’s innocence lasts for only so long. Fo...
Miss Annalisa
Four Walls
I once heard my father say that one could tell a lot about a person by looking in his or her desk, room, and or their house. What stories would these walls tell? What secrets would they betray? Would ...
Topics: gothic, dark, musing, poetry