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Screaming Thunder
A Grey Poem
When you fade into grey.And no one will say your name,To whom will you cast blame?When you put down your head to layThinking of how to make life a gameWill you ever desire fame?Wishing for more,A hear...
Screaming Thunder
It's really difficult living in this world and feeling like a real alien inside you know?Thinking different from others, living in an isolated world, seeing everyone as the same as they pass from your...
Nathanael Munn
The Demon Over My Shoulder -
  I could see her lush pink lips pursed tight in anticipation of what was to come. I her unholy lord and master, her dark patriot of the night approached with the grace of a free floating spirit. Her...
Bob Ghoulio
The 5 Things You NEVER Want to Eat Again
Hello folks, this Prof. Bob from Uncle Bob's Braintrust Foundation, LLC, with another educational short. You might have seen ads and even blogs dealing with what not to eat or never eat again for good...
What is Goth?
What is Goth? This blog is about what I believe Goth is and what qualifies a person or thing as goth. The most controversial question has always been is it one's musical interests or is it the fashion...