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The psychology and consequence of wanton destruction
The following story is based on a discussion with a co-worker about the theoretical and hypothetical possibilities in the events of the life of a high school wood shop teacher gone bad. WHO:? This loc...
Bob Ghoulio
Vault of Fun: My latest Sims 3 Project
Brief synopsis: This is my Sims 3 "nerd shop" the Vault of Fun, a place to buy comic books and play video games. The background on it is it used to be a bank many years and had shut down. It briefly r...
Bob Ghoulio
My Sims 3 Live-in Cafe
I was inspired by Saya's more recent blog about Omoro Cafe. Here are some pictures of my little project. The front during the day:   A side view of the front:   The cafe itself [Part One] - (I know ...
Bob Ghoulio
Sims 4: Revisited (1)
A while back I did a review of Sims 4. Sims 4, like the other Sims games before it, is an evolving game, always dynamic. New gameplay will always be found as new expansion and stuff packs come out for...
Bob Ghoulio
Someone stuck on a time-warp; what would you do?
You always read/hear stories about people being in years-long comas or alleged stories of people living in isolation and not realizing how much time has passed by. My question is what would you do if ...