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Akasha Wolfhaven
The Powers of Karma
What's been wronged needs to be justified by the means karma decides. The results can be good or bad, but that truth no longer hides. What one puts forth to a situation, as part of the speech verb, i...
Akasha Wolfhaven
Wandering For Reasons
Wandering around in a place not of the Earth. Racing thoughts lead to some kind of birth. She's not here with the others many times as her mind wanders away from the repetition. She's trying to avoid...
Akasha Wolfhaven
As Real As Me
  Never did I believe the day would come finding someone as real as me. Such a gentle soul, he is, as open in the heart for me to read only for me to see. I'll see him soon as the butterflies in my s...
Akasha Wolfhaven
The New Chapter
While the fierce storms held a never end to the horrible chapter lasting a decade in a life lived to the one as the debris nearly destroyed her body, spirit, and mind. Crying in grief, the never endi...
Akasha Wolfhaven
Pact With the Serpants
Rejuvenating, recovery, and reducing the evil once lived inside myself as the horrible took over as hideous as I have become to be the heir to the royal serpents that made me dance the steps to what ...