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The Gothic Butterfly
What We Eat Makes Us Sick!
This is something that I have recently discovered, that I feel compelled to share with everyone!I came to a realization recently.  I sincerely feel our food supply is making us sick!  Since eating as...
Race for Life: Cancer Research UK
Hello, We're taking part in the Oxford Race for Life on 05/06/2010 to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and would really welcome your support. Please take a moment to sponsor us. It's really easy - y...
The Chemist
A very fussy obstanate pharmasist refused to sell me Milk Of Magnesia becouse she thought it would stop the absorption of annother medcine I take.She went too far It should be left up to me wheather I...
How to Raise Your Self Esteem
1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You might get a higher self esteem if you only compare yourself to people you think are worse than you, but do you really want to do it by putting other peo...
Topics: self esteem, advice
Der Kopfsammler
No more looking behind...
In critical times, when the blast of the past hits your hard... you feel like touching it once more, cleaning its dust, restore it... and then you realise that its purpose is no longer the one you onc...