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Nathanael Munn
Blood-Lust by N.L.Munn      They sat motionless in the darkness of a candelabrum-lit living room, enjoying Trent Reznor's hard-hitting tunes playing on the on the stereo. After having plenty of absin...
Yokuro Kimono
Drama on imvu part 20
AyumiAsari: AGAIN AyumiAsari: she's back in Canada, and unless you make your own manga, they're pretty anal Guest_Spadichia: im sorry for making you repeat yourself Guest_Spadichia: you seem stressed ...
Yokuro Kimono
My Life Story: Unclassified
    My Life Story UnclassifieD                 Hello everyone, it is good to be back again writing another story again. It has been ages since I started writing again but now I recently have a chance ...
Yokuro Kimono
WD101 iceWizard gear
WD101 real soon. Gear levle 58 for ice clothing outfits  1) Sub-zero Shroud 2) Celestian Snow Smock 3) Celestian snow boats ======================================================= ================= A...
Yokuro Kimono
Drama on IMVU part 20 part 2
Guest_NeonRose10169Guest_NeonRose10169 has joined the chat Guest_NeonRose10169: > Guest_NeonRose10169: LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!1 Guest_Spadichia: hahahaha Guest_Spadichia: i wanted to get a good laugh Gu...