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Robin B. Czar is online.
Zombie Walk 2014
I am going to take part in the Zombie Walk in 2 weeks! Finally a day in the year where I can come out of the shadows! I was told that I wouldn't even need to wear make up, and if anybody asks me how d...
Topics: zombie walk, make-up
Bob Ghoulio
"Magnolia Bluff Manor" [Sims 3 project] - Part Two
Some screenshots of my recent project. I give a brief tour of the first floor. 1.) Sorry about the arrow, it's not part of the decor; it's moving tool. I shot this while in BUILD mode. It's the first ...
Bob Ghoulio
"Magnolia Bluff Manor" [Sims 3 project] - Part One
Even though Sims 4 is out, I still pine for Sims 3 & play it often. I have released a new lot, a home I call "Magnolia Bluff Manor". It is a 4-story mansion with a 2-story wing on opposite sides of th...
Bob Ghoulio
Vault of Fun: My latest Sims 3 Project
Brief synopsis: This is my Sims 3 "nerd shop" the Vault of Fun, a place to buy comic books and play video games. The background on it is it used to be a bank many years and had shut down. It briefly r...
Bob Ghoulio
A Brief Review of Sims 4
I recently purchased Sims 4 and have played it for a while. There's been a trend lately by reviewers to bash the game. If I have a complaint, it would be that there's no cars for your Sim(s) to purcha...