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Yokuro Kimino
Drama on IMVU Season 2015
 has left the chat llNSllLunaWolf has joined the chat Guest_Spadichia: Weclome to my place llNSllLunaWolf: Ty llNSllLunaWolf: Sorry for the overwhelming croud in there. Guest_Spadichia: it is okay, i ...
Bob Ghoulio
Nonsensical prose/story: Tick, Tick, Tick
TICK, TICK, TICK Wait for that 3 second pause, TICK, TICK, TICK... Repeat. The sound of a small, cheap mechanical clock. Or as I would call it, The Song of a Clock. Larger clocks go, "Tick-tock, tick-...
Bob Ghoulio
The Truth About Lying
A P.S.A. brought to you by the Uncle Bob Ghoulio Braintrust Foundation, LLC:   Hi gang, this is your "Uncle" Bob! I am here to talk to you all about lying! Yes, I do not think there's enough lying in ...
Shards 13 (Dark Blessing)
Aussie Rock!
There isn't a lot of gothic rock content here but there is some great rock music. I thought I woud share this in the spirit of cultural education. You want rock? Australia delivers! Here are some song...
Robin B. Czar
Mad Scientist
Inspired by the Re-Animator films, these are song lyrics abouth their main character, Dr. Herbert West.   Mad Scientist   Genius and insanity Death to all mediocrity! Working on a new device - Progres...