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she cries
she cries but noone hearsshe yells but noones thereshe hurts but noone cares.she fights but only failsdon't you hear her cryingshes crying out for helpdon't you see her shes dyingdying from the pain.s...
my first time in a church
lady:are you goth? me:yes lady:you dont look goth. me: lady im wearing a death note t-shirt a jack skellington hat some metal mulisha etnies a chocker and black skinny jeans and your telling me i dont...
Joel Gilder
Some Gothic Poetry Please
Hi im a huge fan of all kindaof gothic poems but i dont know very many :/ I would like to make this shout out as a request for some pecies of beautiful gothic poetry, or maybe some quotations or poems...
Don't Open You Mouth
I’m such a selfish bitch. Oh, hey, look at me! My daddy died and my best friend died! Give me attention, give me attention! And if you don’t I’m going to make you look like you’re a piece of shit. I’m...
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Eizen Telavantis
My poems
The Vampire PoetCome midnight there is a fright.The full moon brings the children of the night.Dark creatures coming from hell’s bowls.The wolves wake the night with their howls.The poet writes his da...