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Akasha Wolfhaven
Pact With the Serpants
Rejuvenating, recovery, and reducing the evil once lived inside myself as the horrible took over as hideous as I have become to be the heir to the royal serpents that made me dance the steps to what ...
Robin B. Czar
Prypiat   All the sky is grey Abandoned is this town All life went away No one else around.   Bumper cars in dust Never ever used The ferris wheel just rusts All rays of light diffused.   But life's i...
Topics: Pripyat, undead, zombie
Robin B. Czar
Until the Morning Breaks
Until the Morning Breaks   The raging winds outside, the hut is deep in snow. Apart from you there is no other human soul, The winter storm it howls, it's banging at the door.   The pictures on the wa...
Topics: Darkness, hope, winter, night
Robin B. Czar
Mad Scientist
Inspired by the Re-Animator films, these are song lyrics abouth their main character, Dr. Herbert West.   Mad Scientist   Genius and insanity Death to all mediocrity! Working on a new device - Progres...
Miss Annalisa
On Your Own Accord 3
*~*Closing my laptop, I inspected the list that my research had produced.1. Be stable – show her that you will stick around even if things get tough.2. Provide – give her gifts without a reason.3. Lis...