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I'm doing Good Things™ - which differ from the usual Drunken Good
Things™ like giving my broken hoover to the Pizza Delivery person and
moving household furniture to completely retarded places.
I've started Not From Your Planet
which is a Blogazine-type thing featuring and promoting Independent and
DIY Clothing Designers - essentially a one-stop place for Crafty
Businesses to get promotion and followers and hopefully start
networking and helping each other out. Sent a few emails off since
Friday to get some more features up there and we're gradually getting there.  I've made a few friends along the way so far so it's ALL GOOD Smile

I did an article on Doll Part's Clothing & Accessories last week, Click [ HERE ] to read it!

My partner and I are gearing up to get the word out about our Custom printing -
Printing Advertisements on NEON paper to burn the eyes of hungover
County Durham residents - the "Professional" PNB Printing Website
is up and almost finished, and I stocked up on Crafty bits last weekend including some rainbow lace thats going to go beautiful with one of the
purple cardigans I'm working on Smile Got some new designs finished and
hopefully going to get them modelled, photographed and up online by the
end of next weekend.

Went to see Skyline with the family yesterday and
it was an absolute waste of time - I should have spent the 7 quid on 8
cans and watched Futurama all evening instead!

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