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Comic story is coming together

I have always have been drawn to things that are cute and evil so my comic is kind of demented and adorable. Story will be surrounding all these cute/crazy children that all have to go a special school. It is a school for unbalanced children with serious issues. I will figure out a better way of wording it later, all of this is more like an outline. I have a main character by the name of Evee she lives in a worse off situation than the rest of the children. Her parents are crazy christian psychopaths that actually believe their ridiculous actions and ways of living are everything their god wants out of anyone. Her father is a murderer, he kills those he believes are evil or possessed by some kind of demon. 

Side note: The idea for the parents came to me from a time me and The Kla went to a Books-A-Million. We were actually about 18 or 19 at the time so it has been a few years, but there is this one book I could never get out of my head. The Kla and I ventured into the Christian section of the store to pick up some bibles and put them in the Fiction section and maybe replace them with a couple of Gay Erotica books. I don't do stuff like that any more, but only for the sake of the people that work there having to get the books back where they belong. While we were in the Christian section we came across "The Christian Handbook," it is a small pocket sized book I guess so you can carry it with you and always know how to be a good little christian minion. We both decided to flip through this thing and see what it was all about and neither one of us could believe that there are horrible people out there that actually believe some of that crap or that someone published a book like this. It seemed as though they took Hitlers beliefs about people added god and jesus in a few times, put a cross on it, and then sent it out into the world. I suggest looking this thing up for yourselves, it has pictures. I have never been more disgusted with a book in my entire life.

I don't mean to offend anyone and I am sorry if I have. I just honestly don't care about religion and if christians would just let non-christians be alone they wouldn't get bashed so hard.... But I am an Atheist that has been bothered a few to many time about why I haven't found jesus. If you didn't try and shove it down my throat so much I wouldn't try to shove it right back. 

Anyway, I am really happy with how the comic story is coming. Sorry I got distracted for a bit. If you actually read this whole thing I will praise you.

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