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Comic Book

I got so tired of doing logos yesterday, but now I know what I want for it with the help of the Kla, she is great.

I was working on my comic book characters yesterday. I started drawing my friends as children so that I could get them in there. I mean where else should I look for inspiration of people to add to it. Since it is about fucked up children, I might as well do my fucked up friends. I still love them all, but they are fucking insane. 

I drew a dog for the first time in my style. It turned out so funny looking. A little more practice I am sure will make it better. I usually have to draw a character a couple of times before they actually look how I want them to. 

I am so glad that I decided to actually go through with doing all of this. I honestly believe that after I graduated high school I started to forget all about the things that I have always loved to do. Five years later I started drawing again and making crazy animals, it all came back that I have done this kind of stuff my whole life because I loved to and never wanted to give it up. I might as well try doing something with it. I mean I don't want to get to my 30s and never have attempted anything. So I am really excited to be working on all of this.  

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