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Well that escalated...


Recently a distant family member passed away. You know the kind. They're related but not directly related. My uncle's mother.

I didn't know her personally but I knew she was bed bound for a long time.

Apparently my aunt had snapped pictures of her dead mother-in-law. The sequence of events had been described in detail when they visited.

I didn't know what to think. They're fucking psychos, was my first thought. It just seems morally wrong to take pictures of a dead person that's related to you. Especially when it's not even a wake or anything. I mean, I can see how taking pictures could be, like, one person's way of accepting their death. But it only gets worse. Said relative wanted to attend the wake of my grandmother when she passed away over ten years ago. I mean, she wasn't even that close to her. Sick.

Why do people even have wakes? I would imagine seeing a dead loved one doesn't leave a pleasant parting memory of them.

Well, it's totally beyond me.

Over and out,

- V



Topics: Death, wakes, psychos
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