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A Consequence of History


As Australia Day nears, I have come to ponder its existence.

Australia really doesn't have a culture. It's a bastard country, made of immigrants, natives and convicts. With a smattering of Illegals in the mix

You'd be called a racist bastard if you even try to define Australian culture. Footy shorts and a singlet? Maybe it was once a thing. Nowadays, you'd be insulting so-and-so's culture who's only acceptable garment for everyday wear are bin liners... (Just an example here, not insinuating anything.)

They like to say that we're this big loving nation that's all multicultural and rardy-lah-dah...

In truth we're just like any other country. We've got a third world economy, everything is getting more expensive by the day, and no one's fixed that pothole in the bloody road. Still.

The media likes to roll shit in glitter but a lot of folks with a real brain over their shoulders can still see the shit under all the shiny crap. You can tell when you watch people's spending habits. I don't see as much silver in the gutters like I used to.

But now I'm wandering from the subject.

Here there's this endless blame game. On one end of the figurative stick we have the white trash. On the other end, the natives. 

Everyone, I mean the government and media, and the schools...they keep regurgitating the past. Meanwhile, someone finds it justifiable to compensate the folks who weren't even alive to suffer the europeans. And the present white people have to pay for all that. They weren't even alive to hurt anyone back then. They might be guilty for loitering or littering , but definitely not genocide or country invading...and yet they still pay....because some  man in a stupid tie added some kind of justification to his actions. Not that we can control the flow of our tax dollars anyway.

No one alive presently did anything. They were just born into a hell hole shit pile called 'Straya.

I think racism is an illusion. There is a lot to gain if people are divided. Division incites violence. Violence provides an easy excuse to roll out more laws, more uniforms, more surveillance. More revenue to Pay For That Shit. 

They wouldn't want people to band together. To try and fix things once and for all. Put them out of job, it would. No more 400 grand pay cheques for sitting around in an air conditioned office. 

And that's what we've been brainwashed to accept.

Over and out,

  - V

Maybe,you mean 'Race' is an illusion, instead of 'Racism'. TRUST ME, when I say... I live in America and racism is most definitely real here.
Racism is about power, as compared to Race, which is about divisive identity.
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