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Goth Christmas Tree

Out and about yesterday searching for a new “white” artificial Christmas tree for Laundrew’s most cherished Xanadu.  Unfortunately, last year’s tree experienced a catastrophic base failure and ended up on the floor – all before Christmas day.

What was disappointing was the high cost of artificial trees – some were almost at the one thousand dollar mark! Luckily, a suitable tree was found for fewer than two hundred dollars.

A white tree deliciously contrasts the special ornaments that can be found on a Goth’s tree during the festive season. Rising majestically from a base of gargoyles and tombstones, adorned with decadent black roses, grinning skulls, black tinsel, reapers, deep violet lights and topped by an elegant representation of death exudes a Gothic Christmas.

Combine this with a gorgeous, red room and the tree absolutely glows - oh please be still, my tender beating heart.

Be well...

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