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Glass Houses With Throwing Stones


The neighborhood full of shining, glass houses lined up in a pretty little row speak perfection and superiority to the brick houses that lay on the other side of the street.

This war goes on every day of whose is better than the other, judging, stereotyping, as the stones are prepared for ignition to be thrown at those brick houses that's so impossible to defeat.

The glass housed neighborhood are the liars who are ignorant enough to build a domain that shatters.

So, these brick houses on the other side of the street taught them a lesson that what all shimmers splatters.

The glass houses with throwing stones get their karmic lesson when the brick houses finally threw their stones back in their precious kingdoms breaking all that was owned by its superior, stuck up society.

The glass houses can't throw stones at the brick houses in revenge for their own wrong doings because they refused variety.

Those who live in glass homes should not cast the first stone, or any stones, at all the brick homes because they'll always lose the fight.

The brick homes always win as they know not to put down those in society who are not in the right.
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