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A Mouthful of Joy

She glides down his torso with her tongue slowly with the salty taste of his skin tickling her nerve endings when she arrived to her destination where his dreams are in full vision.

She opens her mouth widely to let inside the inches of his manhood when she begins tasting him with joy arousing him as this is her mission.

He breathes heavily while a moan released out of him because the tightening of her jaws grasped his stiff shaft while her tongue circles like a snake gliding her mouth up slowly and then slowly down.

The taste of his pre-lubricated venom enjoys her loins early only to excite him deeper; she released a occupied mouthed howl full of his endowed trunk, deep in the back of her tonsils taking it all in , she is earning her crown.

His rod so rock solid when she becomes psychotic with the rapid suctioning of her mouth to his plank, with it in the back of her throat, using her jaw muscle to pulse his tip in those sweet pulses.

He grabs the arms of his chair tightly with his toes curling; he begins to grab her head with his hands as he's reaching to the top of his mountain, then convulses.

Like a busted water pipe, explosions of his potion entered her body only to fulfill his desires of tasting him flashing him back as a teenage boy.

She felt very satisfied to give him her mouthful of joy.


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