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His Picture


                                                  His picture I gaze at from time to time because it's all I have to look at and feel until I come home to be in his arms.

How I miss the man I never met while I'm in a dream envisioning us together soon while the love for each other's so strong as magickal charms.

I have him on my mind constantly; he comes to me in astral to romance me and never leaves my side.

At times, I can't feel him because it sometimes isn't the same; I want his physical touch and all else aside.

His picture I gaze at from time to time as I imagine us as a whole; a man I fell in love with, and I'll meet him soon to be in my arms forever.

How it hurts me we're not together physically as we should be, and how I miss a man I've not yet seen, as most would find this an impossibly never.

Never has he left my side and voices are all we have for now, but his soul combines in mine.

His voice, his all I have of him for now, but I'll be home to him very soon as we will shine.
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