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Pact With the Serpants

Rejuvenating, recovery, and reducing the evil once lived inside myself as the horrible took over as hideous as I have become to be the heir to the royal serpents that made me dance the steps to what they said was freedom and light.
The lies fed to me through a tube to nourish my blood as the laughter echoed inside my head with voices to turn away against everyone as they whispered words to make me fight.
They said I'd be sexy, they said I'd be strong, they said no one would hurt me anymore as those were the untruths spoken to me from the serpent Queen who told me I was her heir.
The hurt lives inside me as they made me hurt myself, my true others as their are only few, as I drew blood from their veins to let them taste my venom to let them see how it felt to be me as I was spiteful to everyone as I was always alone as I called out for them to disappear and not be there.

All that lived in me through the serpents were broken promises to make me whole as it was anything but a sweet dream to live through in my slumber as I can only recall my feelings of haste.

All the fury and ire and resentment to see those who have what I didn't was too hard to bare as I had my venom for them to taste.
Guilt lives in my mind, heart, and soul as I was never that person I became to be.
All I wanted was to be heard and understand the pain no one listened to as I felt I had to make them see.

Murderess, temptress, and all that the dark ones fell in love with was not the me they grew to love.
Now I returned all nude and reborn as it is now me to learn to live and fight and be the sweet, loving, broken woman I was before I gave myself to the serpent family of the sense I thought I'd belong.
Now I know...know all too well all the things I've done so wrong



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