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Romantic Encounters with a Man Named Death

He came to my dreams as he whispered sweet nothings of romance that tempted me to dance to the of sweet surrender as I almost went through.
Blackness behind my lids as I took every drink of ale seen that tasted of blood and sweet death as I begged for it as it has been the only solution I knew.
Whispers of broken love entered inside me numerous times as those have only been words from the past that did not define my long search even better.
I have heard all the stories
, lies, and been through the shares of deception, cheating, and the men who proved fake that did not even come close to the result of my shattering as my tears were wetter

I kissed his cold lips and inhaled all I could so I can no longer breathe and lay still for a new life as this one failed.
I was waiting for him to take me away to sweep me off my feet so I can be the one who really bailed.
Why I was spared is of no idea, but I lived with being hurt and broken every time and questioning as to why I stay alive.
As I pondered these thoughts and encounters to myself, I know there's a I hope love comes through as my search ends so I can breathe and thrive.

I told the man who had the face of a skull dressed in black that we can't work out this pointless affair.
That kiss I gave him no longer means anything as he promised to take me away to a place where I'd never hurt again as that truth was just a glare.
I wanted him yes as I had no more ways to happiness as I now know it reigns for me soon, and I'll have my needs all met and everyone else is just a dream.
But no more do I want this man who broke that promise by giving me life instead of my ever wanting death as now it is not what it is to seem.





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