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They swarm around surrounding you with guilt, shame, feeding you their leftovers from the dead souls that were abandoned, tossed, casted out regurgitating in your mouth words of broken promises, hopes, dreams.
They trap you inside as they attack as you want to break free from the deserts of lies being told to those who play games with you making you feel less than human as things may not be what they seem.
They steal your breath killing you slowly as they claw and peck with their cawing laughter pointing at you making you only a fool.
Taking everything from you, as they starve for anything dead and gritty as you're trying to breathe only feeling trapped with confusion of not knowing what to believe as they make you taste their drool.

Once you love, once you are kind, and trying once again to prove what a good person you are while they're feeding off you everything they're not seeking their vengeance by attacking you with their vulgarity and tasteless, meaningless words making you unsure what to believe.
Once you open up, once you accept, and once you let them is hard for them to leave when they thrive off of every ounce of kindness you have ending up the one open to deceive.
Liars, haters, and being the target of these vultures who use you, toss you away, and make you feel special for just a brief time.
They're never the same vultures as one flock leaves for another flock to return to you as the game plays on....there is nothing at all sublime.

We push away because we are scared it will happen again, we will feel unwelcome in the ways we want to feel welcome because we never know who will be the next flock of vultures to come and take more away from you.

Nothing these vultures say are never true.
We open up, as we have done over and over because we want the love and everything else we are entitled to, only to be eaten again by the vultures of people in all areas of the Earth.
We need to kill these vultures, as you want them killed, but they will always be around; so this world is leery as the people, and there is nothing to birth.
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