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The gift of Perception...

Sometimes when we finally reach certain personal groundbreaking conclusions, we often find that we were not the first to reach them. At first glance when we're faced by those facts, our conclusions dont seem to be of that much importance after all, however, reaching them without the knowledge of the rightfuly entitled "original quoter", we know that we are actually walking a path that many havent reached, experiencing such conclusions first hand rather than reading them and trying to absorb them, failing to absorb their true essence and meaning; we end up experiencing that conclusion all on our own, and that achievement is something to be proud of. Yet, that made me wonder something...

We live in the age where we're almost forbidden to think on our own, where we're almost forced to think with the mind of others, absorb their ideals, and live like them. I used "almost" since we're not yet forbidden to break those chains and chose our own path, but anyone who dares to have a free thinking behaviour are prone to be targetted, as such can be considered as a weapon by those that want to control our lifes or how we progress. By oppressing that free-thinking behaviour, they are hiding crucial truths for their own benefit and interests. Now obviously this is nothing new for most, just trying to make a point, but you'd be impressed how many havent yet reached this point in understanding.

Freedom of speech is an illusion, as some can tell. We are free to speak our minds as long as its under the same idiological patern as the ones with power and influences. The indoctrination starts at an early age, where you are introduced to the world and defined to see whats right and wrong, or in other more correct words... what is politically correct and everything that was once a taboo is now socially acceptable, and anything that makes you question the importance of your heritage and free will in all of this, as well as your family values and morals is completelly wrong. Your common sense gets erradicated, and once that indoctrination process is complete and your scholarship ends, you're now part of the remaining sad flock, enslaved by your government's imposed debt and living a lie, supported and conforted by neverending pleasures, and where you live and die happy, fat and stupid at the cost of your real freedom...

Its not a matter of simply breaking those chains and accepting all truth and defending it, or simply deny everything that is shown by medias to you, it doesnt work like that. Like everything that requires effort to be accomplished, this also requires the effort of mind. When you see a picture, you can see in a single stactic image where theres environment surrounding whatever object of focus that is, but theres also environment beyond what that picture can show, like the surrounding behind the photographer's camera for example. I could even go beyond that and wonder what was the photographer thinking in that period of time, but bringing that up right now wouldnt be relevant to this example at this moment, but it will be further ahead when we reach that part. Anyways, the Truth works the same way, its composed by two distinct "trues", one that you're allowed to see, and one that you're not even allowed to question. In the example above, its obvious that what you're allowed to see is whats inside the photo's frame, and what you're not allowed to see is everything else that is not captured by the photo's image.

Among humanity's greatest gifts, one of them has to be the ability to think and sense taking a hold of its surroundings, to interpret sensory information in order to understand the environment, process such information, organise it and evaluate. This is the gift of preception.

The Truth is never clear, it never was, although most might think otherwise since they got used to recieving information from single biased sources. From the use of your preception, you know that theres more than the image shows, but the question is why dont they show everything? Why are you not allowed to see everything surrounding it? Would the picture be ugly if it showed everything? It might have. Would the picture be confusing if you could see every detail from the set and the photographer and not just that little intended focused object that the photographer wanted to show? It probably would, but neither of those issues would be as important as the fact that it wouldnt benefit the very own photographer at all in this example. He's the one holding the camera, and he has his own agenda to send whatever message he wants to deliver to whoever is watching from his targetted audience, and through that, moving them to his contempt.  Obviously a mere picture is nothing but an example, but there are plenty of situations on the day-to-day life where you're given such similar frame of information, where you're not allowed to interpret outside such frame, let it be historical "facts" or news coverages. You shouldnt feel content with accepting such rules because they are in violation of your own freedom, no matter how they advertise it to be "immoral" or "unsuitable" to learn from their different views, that final conclusion should only be yours to decide.

Unfortunately, its nearly impossible for one source to deliver you all sides of the same story when each source has its own agenda to fight one another in this secret war of information, each making their very own biased view of the same issue. Making a source where all sides are delivered would take too much effort, time and money, not only that but it would also be obvious "firestarters" for social conflicts, even more than single medias already are; So when the multiple sources each has its very own targetted audience, you know that the part where the conclusion is made its only up to you.

The photo example above can be applied and processed in every situation possible, from little parts of history that doesnt make sense, to your own government's actions, media coverages, or anything that were supposedly to be transparent to all sides, and yet, they are not. In any problem or situation there are allways parts that are more "shadowed" than others, and anyone that manages to stop and think for a bit knows theres allways something more behind all stories.

Truth is a matter of prespective, so one would have to look at the problem or situation from different views and through that, gaining a better understanding from both sides so they can finally reach their final conclusion, and that unfortunately is still not the usual course of action most people do this days, not by their own fault, but because from an early age they have allowed their scholarship to get in the way of their education, weakening their capability of free rational thinking, allowing themselves to be influenced by certain movements as a response, and targetting anyone that doesnt support or think the same ideology as they do, let them be people with an opposite mindset to theirs or actual open-minded people.

So once you break free from that vicious trend and manage to understand that based on the patterns of everything that makes this world a sad place, that such deliberate movement of masses influenced by the same "puppet masters" is actually for their own interests and following their own agendas, you'll know you actually accomplished something that actually makes you different from the rest, you gained your very own uniqueness of thinking, you've taken the "red pill". You'll know better to find different sources of information, and you'll allways manage to see the whole picture if you interpret them yourselves... and sometimes you might even find more than you even expected to.

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