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Ya Know. My Usual Ranting.

"Oh. You're sad? You should find a man."

"Oh. You're angry? Did some guy hurt you?"

"Oh. You're happy? You must've met someone."

No. No. And no. I quite enjoy my solitude. I quite enjoy being single. Men do not make me who I am. Men do not make or break my mood. Don't get me wrong. I also enjoy being with someone, but it isn't a necessity. For god sake I'm 19. Why do people keep telling me I need a man? If I find someone, great. If not, great. Either way, I still have plenty of life left in me.

On another note, WHAT THE FUCK, GUYS? So many guys my age want a woman to work full time and pay all the bills and then come home, cook, clean, and take care of the kids while they lay in bed or sit on the couch all day. What happened? You and your significant other are supposed to be partners. No one should bare it all alone while their husband or wife lounges around the house 24/7. Ladies, there is NOTHING wrong with taking care of the house while your man goes to work. There is nothing wrong with working full time and splitting the bills and the chores evenly. In any case, it should be an equal share. Mutual support. Mutual love and respect. Women, treat your men like kings. Men, treat your woman like the queen she is. It really isn't that difficult.
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Der Kopfsammler
People keep telling you that because thats the simple minded solution to their own satisfaction, as in, normal "standard procedure" of what they consider to be life. You already know that there's more than that in life rather than being part of the breeding flock that humanity has become today. Forb...
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