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The problem with modern women...

I think i start to understand why most guys perfer to go to a brothel rather than having anyone in their life. I used to disrespect both sides of that, from the women working there to the guys going for the service, but now thinking about it, and although i  wouldnt still go there myself for moral reasons (also my Rationality gave me a trait called "Standards" wich happens to be extremely high in my mind), im more or less acceptive to it. Im not into irrational women, but if you're one of those guys that dont get bothered with how much sexual experience a women has, then this advice is for you.

Lets say, in comparisson to most women today, unfortunatelly, it seems to be a far better option than actually hang with someone that has very little dignity and self-respect, wich anyone with a bit of ratonality would classify them as a "slut". Honestly, if you're a cuckhold who's into filthyess, carry on with the slut... but for those single guys that do have a some braincells inside their skulls, and still cant control that fire in their genital organs, brothel "workers" are for you.

For you see, and according to reports from those that actually visited such places and had experiences with said people, sluts brag alot about themselves, pretending to be such badasses and pretending to have "choices" (standards), and when the time comes when they have that "fire" in their crotch, uncaringly, the first man that appears in their life, no matter if they are in a relationship or not, and with the male's minimal effort in case they're interested, will be the first ones to be taken for "adventure", and usually get prone to STD's or end up being pregnant. When pressed on about their actions, they will deny the well deserved labbel of "slut".

On the other hand, professional brothel whores knows what they're doing, its their job after all, they have experience in the matter, and they know what they are and where they stand. That brothel job of theirs requires for them to have a clean medical record, regular checkups, pristine hygiene, etc. In contrary to popular belief, most of them dont even accept anal sex, some of them dont do blowjobs, and so they arent exactly your "multitool", unlike regular sluts. Now what they do will come with a price obviously, but honestly, if you take a hold on what you spend with a slut and what you spend with a whore, the whore session with full service will be far cheaper than the slut one... and suffice to say, the slut service is not guaranteed at the end of the day.

Please, stop encouraging the slut's actions and go enjoy yourself with a whore instead, sluts dont have real feelings, and in the end the experience will somewhat be the same, as both degenerated types of women have their extent "experiences" with men, but if you risk it with a slut, you risk to have the finger pointed at you for being the potential father of their upcoming child, or sharing the same STD's that they do... or having your wallet emptied by magic in the worst cases. So why go with someone that doesnt admit to be what they really are rather than going with someone that actually knows what they're doing?

TL;DR - Go to a brothel, youll have a better service from women that knows what they're doing, and for a cheaper price.

Now i know that ill get the shit storm from the Feminists, LGTB, or etc against it, but hey, you know what you're doing. Encouraging women to take such paths and end up becoming single mothers, careless sluts, "pansexuals" (i still got to figure out what the fuck this is), or whatever, is not exactly solving the social problem that we face today, the lack of moral standards and values, family morals etc. Im exausted of seeing single mothers bragging about how they dont need men in their lifes today... even though their child "probably" didnt appeared by magic. Im exausted of seeing sluts, that dont even acknowledge being one even when the facts are presented in their faces even by multiple sources or witnesses, being proud of their lack of dignity and self-respect. Its this little bits of stupidity that i want to see erased from society for good. If this is some sort of anti-male crusade, even though "masculism" is no longer that much of a larger issue in comparisson to feminism in first world countries, at least i can still guide men to the other direction and make them stop illuding themselves that such women actually have feelings at all.

And speaking of feminism, suffice to say, the recent increasing of slutty behaviour on women are basicly one of the main reactions of their influence, as their excess of pride makes them believe that they are superior to anyone, and thus, can do whatever they want with their bodies without any care, and anything that comes bad from it is males fault.

What happened to old fashioned families? Couples and romance? Is this what today's society was downed to? Mono-parental families that will fail educating their kids into becoming successful family members in the future? I've seen this happening unfortunatelly, probably in a generous 70% of the cases of mono-parental families ending up failing to educate their child propperly and they ended up failing school, becoming either drug addicts, criminals, rapists, or even the sluts i talked about above. Hell, even the barbarians from a thousand years ago knew how to hold a fucking family, so where the hell did humanity gone so wrong? Enough with it already... I miss the time when "romance" actually existed, humans did appeared as rational as they advertised back then. Now today they are no better than animals on heat...

  and  like this.
Thank you. Fucking thank you. Nobody wants a relationship anymore because everyone's spreading their legs regardless. I'd like to know how feminism became an excuse to screw anything with legs rather than a fight for mutual respect. It's so sad.
Der Kopfsammler
When something is created to fight another trend, if their power is effective, and the ones owning it careless or irresponsible, it goes out of control. In the case of feminism, fighting against masculism was a goal, and it was effective in its most part, but now that the masculism problem is almost...
Nex A. Unselsliuthon
For that matter that's why "good" men and women stay well hidden or are already in a relationship. I believe in keeping high standards.Keep them and those who deserve it they'll worth your while.
Perhaps you need to change the title to The Problem with Some Modern Women. I consider myself a modern women. I am educated and the main bread winner in my family unit but I am not a single mother and nor have I ever partaken in a one night stand. Perhaps this is a two fold problem involving consent...
Der Kopfsammler
By "Modern Women" i was refering to the current younger generation, i dont know any better word to describe the issue on this current modern age. I consider people such as yourself as classy women, propper women, and thats something i respect. I say "Classy" since apparently the ideology of a hard w...
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