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Freebie Xmas present!

For Xmas giveaway to my readers over on my normal haunts I turned a sample piece back from when I was learning how to write erotica into something a little more polished and a lot more steamy. A little something that got me shamelessly on the naughty list. Chase is for free on InstaFreebie and I thought I'd drop the link here since this is not vanilla in any way and fits well into the Goth/Punk scene.

So... Happy (naughty) Holidays everyone.   

Summary for Chase: It all started with a game. A thrilling, steamy game but a game nonetheless. Yet the end gives an answer to an important question: Why do these lovers run?

Clicky link to download

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Bob Ghoulio
Great to see you're back!
Miss Annalisa
It's wonderful to be back.
Bob Ghoulio
I am working on my short story as well. I will read your sample piece when I have time off/ Stay frosty & Happy Holidays!
Miss Annalisa
Happy Holidays! I'd love to read yours when it's done. 
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