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A more philosophical view...

I could just name this as "The meaning of life: Part Deux"... since after i read what i wrote in the previous post, my Guardian bombarded me and made me face the gods... after i read all that i just said to myself... "That has to be the most atheistic and hypocrite thing i ever wrote"... Honestly, i dont mind atheism in a short run, but my mind was only focusing on viewing with the eyes it was provided with... yet ill stand with my words in there, as it might be familiar with those that are as equally blinded by only seeing what their eyes allow them to see. But somethings in there made me reconsider and rethink after i just avoided answering them to my own gain because it would lead me to sink to a more philosophical way of thinking... Just a word of warning, as an observer, im not used to write philosophical things and i'd rather keep them to myself, because philosophy is the reflections of humans for humans in understanding of what humanity is related, and since i do not feel i belong as the same stipe of "humanity", being a misanthrope, buing "built" as a whole new different level and all, this will feel kinda akward... so ill tone this down a bit and avoid to write as much as i normaly would... (wich will be kinda impossible).

But seriously now, dont even question "whats the meaning of life?", if you really have to question your existence, make a better question other than that. We've all been there to question our existence and the purpose that brought us to that neverending cycle of existencial transformation on wich no one excapes... and since were all made of atoms, not even material itself excapes from that same fate, all atoms gets dissipated and reformed into other materials, and yes, im talking about the cycle of Life and Death. For anyone to find a purpose in all that, first one has to see what they have, but the problem is that we are all playing with fragments of the past, and once someone finds a new link to complete such fragments and apply the same process of illuding theories and assumptions, in the same that they were interpreted before "religions" were created based on those fragments... they are mocked, since today aparently no one is fond of other's cleverness or even willing to accept a new level of alternate reality other than the one they feel more confortable with... because truth can sometimes be damaging... and once society is built under a certain fragment, applying another fragment of truth will make that society colapse... Like when trapping a pointy rock inside an air filled balloon, and then trying to shove another pointy rock from the outside to add to the one that is inside, you'll end up bursting that balloon... So for anyone to be able to understand the concept behind the purpose of our existence, first they must resist temptation to fall on the confort of society build based on what little they know, they must fight against that confort, and be prepared to widen their minds to accept the other possible realities, like they accepted the previous ones, but with more fragments to support the new information... no matter how hard truth can be. They must fight the urge to doubt rather than questioning... but once they are told to consider questioning, they doubt it as well, and when you doubt questioning, you can no longer question doubt... youll be falling on that neverending loop-hole and only end up sinking with their boats. But for as much hard that seems to be to accomplish, remember that the same bits of truth were applied to society before, when men first reached the clouds only to see that there was no "Heaven" on top of it, or when people found out that Earth was indeed round, and not plane. For as much shocking truth might be, its not the end of the world... its just the end of the obsolete way we see it, and that is not a bad thing.

What i mean is when they recieve a new piece of fragment that will alter their ways of understanding, they will imediately doubt it, because people today dont like mental challenges that will bring change... extra pieces that will aid them finish the puzzle of our existence... They will fight against its existence althoguether... What they dont know is that doubting will not lead them anywhere. Doubting will only close the case and leave them inside their box, sinking in their own ignorance... they will eventually doubt everything in the end, their faith, their beliefs, their life goals, reality itself, and the truth... and this will not give them anything back, as there will be nothing more for them to doubt, and they will end up living their dull lifes as mere pre-programed vegetables. Questioning however, is a life process, if you question your existence, youll find a vast amount of answers. You have then the option to question those answers, and youll find more and more, untill you reach the truth, and the same process of questioning can be applied to just about anything, your faith, your beliefs, your life goals, and reality... and each time you question more and more, you'll be erasing flaws, correcting your doubts, and reaching the closest possible of ultimate truth... Enlightment. So many people searches and talk about enlightment, but they keep repeating those same mistakes and living in shadows... never questioning what they have... living with so little... doubting everything.

So what are those fragments, and where do we find them? I can answer that by giving an example: There are many mentions of the Library of Alexandria in every culture, how it stored the knowledge of so many different cultures and of cultures that existed before man and maybe beyond, our origins, our wisdom... This was the Mighty Wonder that trully united so many cultures arround the world, the will that every single culture had its role to keep storing and contributing by sharing their knowledge in there so that people could find peace, restore, and rebuilt Earth's first civilizations, or learning how to rediscover their technologies like how they first were... but of course, not even that was free from their enemies, those that didnt want to be under the control of an untrusting alliance, for who were they to give them any commands? There were several power struggles between christians, pagans, and jews... and the Library had been destroyed too many times... either by accident, or by deliberate action... everyone pointed the fingers at each other for that, untill the muslims arrived... and knewing that all that knowledge and truth would oppose to their "holy" book's logic, they destroyed what remained in there... Pretty much everything was lost in there, leaving us with fragments of antient texts and scraps that only survived because they were either stolen or picked up clean from the remains from the muslim raid...

What books and scrolls did that library had, no one really knows today, but from whats being rediscovered today are mere fragments of the past... from the jet engine, built during the second world war, on wich's knowledge was found from the Indian Sanskrit about the antient Vimanas, in the epic tales of Mahabharata, talking about flying machines used for war in 3000 BC, or as indians called them, "the charriots of gods"... or even the Antikythera machine, found in Greece's sea, to wich it was found to be an astral calculator, wich was remanescents of another antient civilization... The batteries of Bagdad, proving the existence of electricity before we knew about it... We would have knowledge of all that earlier and even others that will never be found again if the Library of Alexandria was still intact... not only that but about those that made them in the first place. In India and in many other parts of the world, theres still plenty of fragments and artifacts about those unknown civilizations that existed before humans stepped on this planet, different from us, wiser than us... and i've covered them before on an earlier page, so i will not repeat myself in here and ill just get straight to the point since im already skidding too much from the topic: Those that came before us and are now assumed to have also had created us, the gods that many cultures talks about and reflects about, and yet knows nothing about them because of lack of knowledge and too much reflection on the same pieces of information they have... For if gods had created us, they had done it for a purpose. That purpose that can now only be rediscovered (assuming that we knew of it before) if all those fragments are joined toguether, carefully analized, and its truth accepted as such... We must stop avoiding or hidding its existence, hidding their existence from us and denying our existence in relation to them. And basing on so many different cultures, we know that they were technologicly advanced, as their markings are all over the planet (and even on orbit if you count the "Black Knight" satellite) ,and we know where they come from (Orion belt), but we keep doubting that because all that information will alter our society completely, or theres just not much information to compare to the known reality that we're used to understand today to positively accept it...

But its still not proven how can sapiece be created from material... If we are all atoms, and we are all carbon based creatures... knowing that atoms themselves are basicly the same everywhere, like water atoms in here are about the same water atoms in another planet, or that hydrogen atoms are the same hydrogen atoms elsewhere, for example... how exactly did such simple compositions of molecules first found their perfect way and attached themselves to form perfect sapient living micro-organisms, and eventually complex carbon based celular structures like plants or insects, or animals, or even humans? Can even sapience from creatures and plants be made the same way as for humans? This are questions that not even Darwin's evolution theory cant answer... because all we assumed to know is that our organisms were evolved from primates... but theres absolutely no information about where or from what those primates comes from, let alone cats, lions, dogs, etc... And questioning all this, how can we even assume that an individual person with individual vision, senses, thoughts, and individual life is all the same as the other? We were not made the same with the same structure, you cannot be your mother, you cannot be your neighbour, you cannot have your dog or cat's feelings, you only have yours and your only life... how can one deny the existence of a "Soul" in all this and blame it all in "electricity flowing in our cerebral cortex"?... You cannot mix a vessel of flesh and bone from what we really are... We are bodies and Souls... We can explain the existence of our bodies by assuming and imagining crap, but we cannot explain the existence of our souls. So how exactly can we be sure of the reality we live in and take all those assumptions as granted?

I dont believe that living organisms were created by coicidence, that sapience came from mere electrodes thanks to well landed atoms building a life-capable structure, and eventually a more complex life-capable structure capable of feeling and sensing, adapting, and evolving, untill those sapient structures gain conscience... theres forces way more complex behind mere life creation... But even if we were created by gods, who created those gods that first created us? And this allowed me to thing about a logical structure with a begining but no end... For example, lets imagine a factory built toaster. We all know that what builds toasters is an automated machine today, but before that it was manufactured by hand by the own creator (or creators in case there were more) before the process was automated. After that, the machines were created to help fabricate those toasters in mass, still operated by the creators, but the creators felt lazy and decided to build more tools to help them, so they build computers, from those computers they build robots to build the machines to make toasters, and from the same computers to operate those machines and robots rather than the creators, and in the end, the process is automated. At this point we know that the toaster had a purpose to exist as it was created thanks to an idea to help the creators to make toasts from bread. Now imagine if those toasters gain satience when we no longer exist on Earth, but the process of their creation was still automated... now imagine that we are the toasters making those questions, because were not far from it. And this is where we touch a key that people usually speak of, but never relate to when talking about our creation and existence... Conscience.

Conscience is the very much basis of what "intelligent life" is determined, its the second key next to sapience, and by far the most important of it all. Its what divide us from animals, insects and plants, we know that for a fact because we're (mostly) conscient enough to understand what we're doing, or are about to do. Certainly adults are more consient than babies and animals, animals are more conscient than insects, and insects are by far more  conscient than plants... (if plants have a conscience). So in comparisson to the above example, toasters are the bottom of the conscience chain, followed by the machines that builds them, the robots that mounts the machines, the computers that operates both machines and robots, and us... Now if i had to compare this to our situation, let me just clarify that im not saying that we make animals or insects, but we help grow plants that will be the source of food for many insects, and artificially inseminate animals, because going back to the example above, just because a machine is told to build a toaster, it doesnt mean it cannot be used to create other things like baskets, or fans, or tv screens... remember that both animals, insects, plants and us are made from the same carbon base. So following that conscience pattern, how certain are we that we're limit to the conscience chain? How certain are we that after human concience, there isnt demi-gods that first created us, and gods that created demi-gods, and in the end, a supreme conscience that created those gods?

But certainly if gods or demi-gods exist, why we dont see them then? And if they cant be seen, what happened to them? Our questions leads to this conclusion, but i might have found a logical explanation, although explanations are not exactly ment to be strictly logical, because we barelly know the extent of our own material existence, but if i had to chose about one that humans know, i'd probably give the simple explanation of the day-to-day fact that is "Evolution". If we're perfecting our bodies, we're evolving, and there will be a time that we will evolve so greatly that we will live forever, and beyond that we will be able to talk telepathicly and not need to open our mouths to speak, and even further than that, when we fully understand how Life and Death works, we will no longer need our bodies to live. But we're still very flawed and vulnerable, although our bodies are advanced and capable enough to self replicate, capable enough to harbour a conscience and communicate in this primitive way that is writing and speaking, its not capable enough to understand everything instantly or even live forever. Everything evolves, for example, if you see the first TV, you notice that it was bulky, heavy, flawed, with a black and white screen, etc... in time its materials were changed and it started evolving, changed tiers, became colored, was lighter and could be commanded with a remote, after that it became lighter, the materials changed once more, and they were bigger and yet not bulky anymore, it became this flat screen we know as plasma screens... and it will evolve further and further, untill it will no longer need that lid to hold a screen or even a physical screen to speak of, it will be just this holographic 3D colored image that only needs a simple light source to represent itself. And if we take this example upon ourselves, we're just made of flesh and bones, a material that will eventually be obsolete, but we're not as obsolete as organic material in comparisson with things made with steel and wires that are far more limited than organics...  But is it possible that once we break our limits, we might be able to achieve the demi-god ranks, because if we can imagine this now, how certain are we that we were not created with that purpose? Its already a known fact that we can fulfil our purpose by not contemplating purpose, but are we serving our purpose in doing so? Think about it...

And if that is not enough to convince you or at least make you think for a bit, just because you cant see or feel the greater extent of our existence because of the limited time we spend on our cycles that we have to contemplate the universe we were placed in... remember that even if we have a maximum generalized life span of 80 years, the universe toke several billions of billions of years to form, our galaxy other billions, and Earth more millions... If things do happen within cycles, like in life and death, day and night, a person wont know whats beyond death or the real purpose of our existence because no one never lived to see it, they just cant live long enough to completely understand it... nor have enough conscience to know it... They fear what they dont know and dont understand because they trust others to make that judgement for them, and rely too much on the things they see in front of their eyes, living in their confort zones, away from the less conforting unknown that can be the truth. For example, theres one insect named the mayfly, who's maximum lifespan is of 24 hours... So if that mayfly is born on a rainy day, and some other mayfly aproaches it and talks about the rumors of the existence of sunny days, it will never understand and will deny it, because sunny days never belonged to its life cycle... and comparing to humans, if gods had a crucial role that we no longer see today, how certain are we that they didnt had a crucial role in the past, or will ever have a crucial role in a far future? And if we had a purpose of existence other than to evolve and become our own supreme gods, how long do we have to live to know about it?

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