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Drama on IMVU Season 2015

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Guest_Spadichia: Weclome to my place

llNSllLunaWolf: Ty

llNSllLunaWolf: Sorry for the overwhelming croud in there.

Guest_Spadichia: it is okay, i figured you would like it if i send you a PC invite

Guest_Spadichia: so we can continue to chat and just get to know each other

llNSllLunaWolf: It's alright, I guess.

Guest_Spadichia: Sorry for any trouble

llNSllLunaWolf: Nah, it's no problem

Guest_Spadichia: oh okay

Guest_Spadichia: feel free to stay here as long as you like

llNSllLunaWolf: Mhm, thanks

Guest_Spadichia: np

llNSllLunaWolf: So? What do you want to know dear?

Guest_Spadichia: Well?

Guest_Spadichia: what are your hobbies?

llNSllLunaWolf: I have plenty of them

Guest_Spadichia: tell me

Guest_Spadichia: what all your hobbies?

Guest_Spadichia: you enjoy doing?

llNSllLunaWolf: Hmm

llNSllLunaWolf: I do sketch and paint

llNSllLunaWolf: Mostly I listen to music or make music

llNSllLunaWolf: I do sports sometimes

Guest_Spadichia: what are some of your favorite sports?

llNSllLunaWolf: I do basketball but I'm not so good

llNSllLunaWolf: Volleball is fine for me

llNSllLunaWolf: as well and tennis and table tennis

Guest_Spadichia: oh i see.

Guest_Spadichia: I know i asked this before, but, what type of music do you enjoy listening too?

llNSllLunaWolf: I listen to different kind of music

llNSllLunaWolf: Whatever sound good on my ears I listen to

Guest_Spadichia: oh i see

Guest_Spadichia: So where do you see yourself between now and the next five years?

llNSllLunaWolf: I don't really do those, where do you see yourself in this amount of time things

Guest_Spadichia: i do not do those either

Guest_Spadichia: the only thing for me to do is

Guest_Spadichia: move on to the next life

llNSllLunaWolf: Mhm

Guest_Spadichia: it has been my gaol since i was a little kid

llNSllLunaWolf: Tell me more about that

Guest_Spadichia: goal

Guest_Spadichia: What is your favorite color?

Guest_Spadichia: well

Guest_Spadichia: i did really like living in this life because i feel like i been through enough to call it quits

Guest_Spadichia: so i decided that i want to pass on and live in the next life

llNSllLunaWolf: Mhm that usually the biggest goal

llNSllLunaWolf: I like black and white

Guest_Spadichia: i am not saying that, in a suicidal way or nothing like that. It is something i would enjoy more thwen this life

llNSllLunaWolf: blue as well

llNSllLunaWolf: Yes I know dear

Guest_Spadichia: I like black and white as well

Guest_Spadichia: and Gold and silver

Guest_Spadichia: So tell me about your goals in life?

llNSllLunaWolf: None

Guest_Spadichia: ???

llNSllLunaWolf: None

Guest_Spadichia: what do you mean?

Guest_Spadichia: or how do you mean, i do not understand haha

Guest_Spadichia: you there?

llNSllLunaWolf: Sorry just fixing some couch in the room

llNSllLunaWolf: I don't have any goals

Guest_Spadichia: oh i see

Guest_Spadichia: do you like to travel?

Guest_Spadichia: expend horizons?

Guest_Spadichia: expand*

llNSllLunaWolf: Not really

llNSllLunaWolf: I just like resting

llNSllLunaWolf: Peace

llNSllLunaWolf: But travelling wont be so bad

llNSllLunaWolf: Hey I'll brb I'll just eat

Guest_Spadichia: oh okay tyt

llNSllLunaWolf: back

Guest_Spadichia: welcome back

llNSllLunaWolf: ty ty

Guest_Spadichia: yw

llNSllLunaWolf: are you alright?

Guest_Spadichia: I guess

Guest_Spadichia: just in deep thought about things.

llNSllLunaWolf: That can be both bad and good

Guest_Spadichia: mostly bad

Guest_Spadichia: but somewhat good.

Guest_Spadichia: but idk anymore

llNSllLunaWolf: lol

Guest_Spadichia: i just want to die and get it over with lol.

llNSllLunaWolf: Your choice

Guest_Spadichia: yup

Guest_Spadichia: i mean its not like anyone cares lol

Guest_Spadichia: real world

Guest_Spadichia: so yeah

llNSllLunaWolf: Meh

llNSllLunaWolf: It doesnt matter if anyone cares or not

Guest_Spadichia: i know

Guest_Spadichia: but anyway just in deep thought about some things

Guest_Spadichia: lol.

llNSllLunaWolf: It's ok to be once in a while

llNSllLunaWolf: but always thinking will destroy you

llNSllLunaWolf: sometimes you just have to make your head blank and enjoy some air

Guest_Spadichia: yeah

Guest_Spadichia: this is in a life or death situation though

Guest_SpadichiaGuest_Spadichia : no suicidal or anything like that.

Guest_Spadichia: just figuring out where to go from here

Guest_Spadichia: in my life

Guest_Spadichia: real life decision stuff

llNSllLunaWolf: meh

llNSllLunaWolf: planning so much leads to depression

Guest_Spadichia: plus anyone that destroys themselves of thinking so much to the point where it does destroys them, caring means a lot fo those that have a close friend with someone

Guest_Spadichia: well i guess that would be a lot to take in

Guest_Spadichia: or stressed out

llNSllLunaWolf: Nah

llNSllLunaWolf: Sometimes those people just need to be alone and appreciate the ones that surrounds them

Guest_Spadichia: yup

llNSllLunaWolf: I had a friend who attempted twice

llNSllLunaWolf: We were always there with her

llNSllLunaWolf: But then she wont appreciate it

Guest_Spadichia: however sometimes it best to at least try and reach out them, or just listening to them and being there, because

llNSllLunaWolf: She just keeps on attempting just to get peoples attention

Guest_Spadichia: small things can play a bigger roll with some individuals

llNSllLunaWolf: We decided to let her be alone for a while

Guest_Spadichia: and let them know that they are a small partof becoming something bigger, and whatit chooses

Guest_Spadichia: what it*

llNSllLunaWolf: She's still crazy but now she deosn't attempt anymore

llNSllLunaWolf: As a person I am selfish

Guest_Spadichia: small part of something bigger and what it chooses *

Guest_Spadichia: my english bad sometimes lol

llNSllLunaWolf: I just let people be

Guest_Spadichia: i see

llNSllLunaWolf: I am done with caring

Guest_Spadichia: well some words cannot get through to them

Guest_Spadichia: i understand that

Guest_Spadichia: \but never give up caring

Guest_Spadichia: seems like you gota lot on your mind as well

Guest_Spadichia: however if the shoes were on the other foot, i am sure of it that you would love it if a friend was caring for you and not being selfish XD

llNSllLunaWolf: Nah

llNSllLunaWolf: I like things how they are

llNSllLunaWolf: People letting me be when I wanted to be

llNSllLunaWolf: I will be sad somehow

llNSllLunaWolf: but never will I attempt to kill myself

llNSllLunaWolf: people who do so are weak

Guest_Spadichia: yup that is true

llNSllLunaWolf: However big a problem is, it is not enough to kill yourself

Guest_Spadichia: i would not say theyare weak because their ae many variations

Guest_Spadichia: to suicidal people

Guest_Spadichia: such as lack of confidence maybe

llNSllLunaWolf: Nope

Guest_Spadichia: and other stuff

llNSllLunaWolf: they're all weak to me

llNSllLunaWolf: and more selfish than I would ever be

Guest_Spadichia: and some people that do try to kill themselves, words do and can reach other them ,

Guest_Spadichia: but

Guest_Spadichia: there are some people that, their heart is of stone

Guest_Spadichia: and you cannot break

Guest_Spadichia: so if they do it

Guest_Spadichia: it is not becausethe person reaching or trying to did not try

llNSllLunaWolf: You know

llNSllLunaWolf: I think sometimes

Guest_Spadichia: when the person takes action in doing it, it is their fault

Guest_Spadichia: they kill themselves

Guest_Spadichia: especiually when they have opportunites

Guest_Spadichia: ahead of them

llNSllLunaWolf: If someone wanted to kill themselves just kill themselves in one go and not just attempt

Guest_Spadichia: but some sucidal people are stubburn

llNSllLunaWolf: Those people I like because they know what they want and they get it

llNSllLunaWolf: those who just attempt for attention are merely pests

llNSllLunaWolf: If I could I would end them myself just to end their selfishness

Guest_Spadichia: yeah being selfish is never a good them, because it gets them no where.

Guest_Spadichia: just as people who are being racists

Guest_Spadichia: it gets them no where

Guest_Spadichia: in life

llNSllLunaWolf: Meh

llNSllLunaWolf: I don't know why were talking about these stuff

Guest_Spadichia: yeah me either

Guest_Spadichia: i am only starting a conversation

Guest_Spadichia: and somehow it lead up to this so

Guest_Spadichia: i guess the silent treatment then...

Guest_Spadichia: oh well i tired.

llNSllLunaWolf: hmm?

Guest_SpadichiaGuest_Spadichia : what are you doing?

llNSllLunaWolfllNSllLunaWolf : Non

llNSllLunaWolf: blank mind

Guest_Spadichia: oh ok

Guest_Spadichia: me too

Guest_Spadichia: So....

Guest_Spadichia: is there anything you would like to talk about?

Guest_Spadichia: anything at all?

llNSllLunaWolf: not really

Guest_Spadichia: oh ok

Guest_Spadichia: ii can see your not the conversational type huh? lol

llNSllLunaWolf: No, not really

Guest_Spadichia: oh ok

Guest_Spadichia: how do you make friends if you do not communicate with them? D

Guest_Spadichia: XD

llNSllLunaWolf: I just attract them with cookies then lock them in my lair

Guest_Spadichia: oh i see

Guest_Spadichia: you seem quite popular with those methods lol

llNSllLunaWolf: Mhm

Guest_Spadichia: i guess that iscommon with most girls these days

llNSllLunaWolf: I dont know about others

llNSllLunaWolf: I really dont observe how they get friends

Guest_Spadichia: niether do i

Guest_Spadichia: which it does beings curiousity to mind sometimes.

llNSllLunaWolf: Maybe they use pizza instead

Guest_Spadichia: you like pizza right? XD

llNSllLunaWolf: no

Guest_Spadichia: okay

Guest_Spadichia: i am guessing it ia just an idea then

llNSllLunaWolf: Hmm?

Guest_Spadichia: i said i am guessing you are just sharing an idea

Guest_Spadichia: of people using pizza to attract other, even though you do not like pizza

Guest_Spadichia: ......

llNSllLunaWolf: Well I am not other people

llNSllLunaWolf: Alot of them lik pizza

llNSllLunaWolf: So yeah

Guest_Spadichia: i did not say you were

Guest_Spadichia: well that is very common and pizza deleivery

Guest_Spadichia: DeliveryXD

Guest_Spadichia: hahaha i ordered pizza once and the pizza guy left

Guest_Spadichia: and he did not come back with the pizza XD

Guest_Spadichia: oh well.....

llNSllLunaWolf: ?

Guest_Spadichia: ???

Guest_Spadichia: what?

llNSllLunaWolf: nothin

Guest_Spadichia: it seems like i am boring you, i am sorry

llNSllLunaWolf: -.-

Guest_Spadichia: great now your mad at me

Guest_Spadichia: Unhappy

llNSllLunaWolf: Stop assuming things

Guest_Spadichia: well your sending faces and ? so

Guest_Spadichia: ...

llNSllLunaWolf: -.-

llNSllLunaWolf: What are you 5?

Guest_Spadichia: if you do not want me to assume things then tell me why you are acting this way ?

llNSllLunaWolf: Nah just assume things

llNSllLunaWolf: Im too lazy to type

Guest_Spadichia: oh i see

Guest_Spadichia: and i am not sure how to answer your question

llNSllLunaWolf: Then dont

Guest_Spadichia: well i respect other people questions, i just do not understand how do you mean, about that question?

Guest_Spadichia: oops

Guest_Spadichia: that is a statement not a question sorry,

Guest_Spadichia: ok fine.

Guest_Spadichia: be that way

llNSllLunaWolf: Bw what way?

llNSllLunaWolf: What were you expecting of me?

Guest_Spadichia: Nothing

Guest_Spadichia: just

Guest_Spadichia: *signs* idk

Guest_Spadichia: i was hoping you at least tell me more about you or something

Guest_Spadichia: otherwise i do not want to seem like i am being annoying

Guest_Spadichia: or anything

llNSllLunaWolf: Don't you know enough

llNSllLunaWolf: Why so greedy?

Guest_Spadichia: i try to consider others ^^

Guest_Spadichia: i am not greedy

Guest_Spadichia: and i do not thing it is bad to continue to know more about someone

llNSllLunaWolf: Then what do you call it?

llNSllLunaWolf: Don't you think it's not possible to know someone in one day?

Guest_Spadichia: well i can surely say it is not greedy. I guess trying to find a topic or hoping you had one lol

llNSllLunaWolf: Do you think information will be handed simply in one day?

Guest_Spadichia: well i am not saying all one day

Guest_Spadichia: but if not that, something else is alwasy good.

Guest_Spadichia: i am not really saying that

llNSllLunaWolf: Why are you trying so hard to know such a person like me?

llNSllLunaWolf: Do tell.

Guest_Spadichia: you make it sound like it is bad thing

Guest_Spadichia: to you

llNSllLunaWolf: It can be

Guest_Spadichia: well i liek to get to know everyone of my friends

Guest_Spadichia: well to you

Guest_Spadichia: but not everyone thinks its bad thing

llNSllLunaWolf: Well then do it to everyone who doesnt think that its bad

Guest_Spadichia: they are glad that they are having friends that want to get to know them

Guest_Spadichia: way ahead of you

Guest_Spadichia: as i was trying to say

Guest_Spadichia: i was just trying to come up with a topic and trying to not sound boring

Guest_Spadichia: however you seem to want to get technical

llNSllLunaWolf: You try so hard

Guest_Spadichia: with me over something minor

llNSllLunaWolf: You are trying to hard to please

Guest_Spadichia: as me getting to know about you or something

Guest_Spadichia: i am not try hard

Guest_Spadichia: tht is what you think

llNSllLunaWolf: you are one of them

Guest_Spadichia: nop i am not

llNSllLunaWolf: You know what

llNSllLunaWolf: Just forget you talked to me

llNSllLunaWolf: find some other people you will talk to

Guest_Spadichia: you are one of the them that accuse people of trying to hard after i said i was not

Guest_Spadichia: and now

llNSllLunaWolf: yah yah

llNSllLunaWolf: good bye

Guest_Spadichia: you want to get tehnical with an attitude

Guest_Spadichia: whaetevr

Guest_Spadichia: bye

llNSllLunaWolf has left the chat

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