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Day One (Short Story)

-It was the first day of secondary 5, Ricky was tiered fed up. “Really, first day of school on a Friday” he though angrily. He sighed and pulled his hoodie around him and put his earphones in while he waited for the bus.

-As the bus rolled up a shiver ran down his spine like something was wrong. He shrugged it off and climbed in the bus taking the first seat on the right. Before sitting he did a quick look to see who he was stuck with, A huge guy, squirmy grade 7 and then her, the girl right across from him. Fair skin, blue eyes and auburn hair, god she was beautiful. He sat down and skipped to the next song on his mp3, but she didn’t leave his mind.

-At the next stop two girls and another grade 7 boarded the bus, they looked more tiered then him. The bus continued its root as he glanced outside. Trees and a sunless sky kinda creepy.

-Another chill ran down his spine as the bus slowed down. Ricky got up a bit to see what was slowing them but a rig was in the way. He did a quick glance at the girl in the bench next to him, she smiled shyly and waved a bit, he turned away flushed.

-He looked back outside feeling her stare and wishing he’d stop blushing, till he saw the car. He turned white. “No that’s impossible” he thought. He looked slightly closer at the body on the floor. His heart stopped beating. The pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair stained with blood all around her.

-He looked across from him to see...the empty bench..

  and  like this.
Robin B. Czar
Day One Part Two
Ricky pulled his hoodie around him and stepped out of the bus that had stopped. No doubt, the dead girl was the one with the pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair. He turned around and saw his bus had crashed with the car and completely burned out. How could he have surivived this? A...
So he grabbed her hand and off they went to live their afterlife together in peace. No pain and no worries just fun and play.
Robin B. Czar
But then the ambulance came and tried to reanimate the two corpses. "No, please not!" screamed Ricky, "I would look ugly and defaced!". But the medics didn't hear him. "And I would have to live in a wheelchair!", added the girl with the pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair. But the medics didn't hea...
Ricky saw the other speedong car comingas he willed willed the driver through possesion to look control..the smashed quick and hard the medics were on the ground
Robin B. Czar
Ricky and the girl with the pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair beamed with joy. However, this was only short.
"You bastards killed us!" the two medics shouted. "And we only tried to reanimate you!" Ricky and the girl with the pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair turned white. What now?
The medics tu...
somthing in Ricky snapped an evil he was hideing..his eyes glowed red he stood in front of the girl with pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair, you can burn me his voice low and deep, but you will never touch her
Robin B. Czar
"No problem, then we just touch ourselves", the medics said and started hard and merciless 1-on-1 gay sex with each other.
Richy's eyes and voice turned back to normal again while the two medics were on the brink to extasy. The girl with pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair whispered into his ear "Le...
xD OMG I can't breathe thats amazing thank you 
Bob Ghoulio
Well done, everyone.
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