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No more looking behind...

In critical times, when the blast of the past hits your hard... you feel like touching it once more, cleaning its dust, restore it... and then you realise that its purpose is no longer the one you once sought... everything changed and its no longer for you, not anymore, not in this life time... And its better to leave it in the past, to rest forever in memory untill its forgotten forever... This is why i think the future is more important now... let the past rest, forget all things, everything and everyone you no longer keep a present contact with... and if you really have to, make it short to avoid the pain, make it simple so you dont remember, make it from distance so you can plan ahead instead of getting stuck in the past...

Chapters are there for a reason... they do have its own purpose in everyone's life, and once they're gone, unless the astrals say so, they must remain gone forever, just like in life and death. Memories might help ease it up, but once its triggered it acts in a chain reaction untill you regain your focus in the present once more... you will avoid the disapointment brought by time, since all those things will no longer be the same you once remembered, nor will be the people, in case you remember someone... Seek only the past when you need to search for inspiration, or when you have unanswered questions to attend to, but once again, dont wander too long, for your memories shall be your worse enemy, and you will be stuck in that maze of memories... and that will eventually hurt you.

For the dead, let them rest and be forgotten in time, as their final chapters has come to an end, and for the living, let them live, for they have the chapters of their own, away from the interaction of yours... unless you decide to interact once more, and then face the consequences, creating a new chapter...

This are important rules to be taught from birth, special rules for life observers and the philosiphicaly inclined, and golden rules for immortals... As for me, this are the rules i should take in mind before my curiousity takes the best of me... specially when im still going through this Year of Disapointments... unless the astrals say so... or untill the time pass. It will never bring anything other than pain, although im already used to dig my own past to answer the questions of the present so i can plan for the future... im sick of getting depressed because of it... but its way easier said than done...

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Apathetic Empathy
I don't think it has all been disappoints 
Der Kopfsammler
True. There were some of the predicted "surprises" that didnt make it a complete horrible year... x) I wasnt expecting it to happen but the Astrals rarelly lie... But overall in other prespectives it was crappy so far...
Bob Ghoulio
This year for me has sucked. I have sibling diagnosed with cancer & I got laid off. The upside is I realized things happen in cycles. I hope good things are around the corner.
Der Kopfsammler
Not all things are bad in cycles/chapters, although its all RNG driven. You'll notice them once they change for better or worse. The best part of the worse parts is that they dont go lower than they already are, its all upwards once you hit rock bottom.
Bob Ghoulio
Call it what you will, you cannot have one without the other.
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