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Just a new poem I wrote just now when I should've gone to bed. Enjoy!

To when has the empire fallen upon my shoulders,
I am ready to bear the weight of a million lives.
There are too many stories to read, but not enough are read.
My eyes can’t see them all.

They are there.
Secrets that stomp the heart to fall apart.
Secrets that kill them, but not me.
Yet somehow I have the urges to die.

My hands are open for you to hold.
My arms have opened up my body;
for its exposition is like an open door.
I will be your shelter if you need me to be.

We may be different houses,
but we have similar furniture.

Let me love you somehow.
Let me give you my ears,
my eyes,
my folds,
You will hear, see, and speak of happiness again.
And so will the people you spread it too.
You won’t have to bear pain anymore.

Let me be the one to carry it;
let me be on my knees and
carry the burdens and stresses of hell.
May you become a God, and stand
over and above me.

You are still important to me.
I am proud of you.
Smile in the mirror, you powerful being you.
Look the prettiest only for you.
Survive the best you can for you.

I will always be proud of you.
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