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I'm baaaaaack

So sorry for being MIA for so long. I return with goodies though. Wink

I've gotten sucked into the world of the Blog-A-Book and have two regular episode-like stories.

S. Holmes - A genderbender take of Sherlock Holmes. Three or so chapters left until publishing the first part so the freebie is over on my DeviantART page. 

The other Blog-A-Book is called On Your Own Accord. Also episodic, it follows the life of a mortal woman who shares a house with a vampire. It's also on DeviantART but I'm going to post chapters for the dark humor romance/comedy on here too. Considering it is vampires, there be sex ahead.

In addition, I spend weekends as an educator. If anyone wants tips on writing hop over to Youtube where I present the tricks of the trade.






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