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 KEY WORDS. Vengence, Sadomasochism, Demons, The Shadow, Rage, Anti-mother, Fairytales, Nightmares, Ghosts, Nymphomania, Gremlins, Psycho, Toxins, Depth psychology, Stalkers, emotional pain, Catharsis, Madness.

NEW MOON. Also known as Waldemath Moon. h58 on Menopause & The Shadow). Colour Black.

ORBIT. It flies through the chart, like a witch on it’s broomstick taking 119 days to travel round the earth spending 10 days in one sign. Sighting of this mysterious 2nd Moon goes back as far as 1618. it is supposed to resemble a sphere shaped dust cloud. In 1918, Astrologer Sepharial claimed to have confirmed the existence of Waldemaths “ghost” moon.

The Dark Moon is the hurt, nasty side of Lilith, and very much like Algol the notorious Fixed star. It can be channeled beneficially if used without ego to release negativity through creativity or art therapy. It is the part of the Lilith myth where in exile she turned baby killer out of revenge to god. “Dark Moon relates to highly individualized soul desires that are denied personal satisfaction for higher expression on social/spiritual levels.”Kelley Hunter.

Dark Moon Lilith is like PLUTO/ERIS. The shadow and demons are very much part of Pluto’s underworld, generally he is thought to have raped and abducted Persephone (Eris), but in other versions Persephone goes willingly. Dark Moon then can work two ways like the myth, we either face our Demons and release them safely or we bury them. If they are allowed to fester they become enraged, then we risk them breaking out and psychically “raping” us.

Waldemath’s Moon

*Dark Moon Lilith is one of the three Lilith archetypes. It is not the apogee or the asteroid, but a dust cloud. Out of all the Liliths, the Dark Moon Lilith is the hardest to define. This Moon is also known as Waldemath’s Moon or Sepherial’s Moon. This is the place in our psyche where our primal, impersonal instincts lie.

Dark Moon Lilith is also the home of our darkest demons, the ones that desperately need to be channeled creatively, otherwise there is great danger that these gremlins can turn self destructive or destructive to others. It is very apt that this Lilith is often referred to as the “Ghost Moon”, the darkness inside ourselves where we constantly feel haunted by something we can’t quite put our finger on.

“Some say there is a second moon circling the earth- a mysterious, dark moon, seen only rarely when the sky is dark and it is either in opposition to or crossing the suns face. It has a dusky presence that absorbs light rather than reflecting it…Observations by astronomers were recorded as long ago as 1618.” – Kelley Hunter, Living Lilith, 2009

 This energy does not do well being used for selfish desire. It needs to be purged via some artistic product, which can then be released out into the collective. Its dark absorbing nature lends it to attracting the negative projections of human emotions. If we shed light on these outside of our skin it could be a way of cleansing wounds suffered by all humanity. These wounds are said to encircle the earth’s vibrational energy field like a black smog. We see expressions of Lilith in Fairytales. Witches, owls, sprites, magicians, dragons and all manner of mysterious creatures appeal very much to children and adults who are still in touch with this primal, mythical world. The rise to fame of Harry Potter is very much a Dark Moon phenomena. How this relates to Lilith herself would be the time when she was in exile where she took the form of an owl. It was here she gets the reputation as the baby killer. It was Lilith taking revenge for her own children being taken away from her that provoked her into destroying others babies. I see the “babies” also being metaphors for creativity in general, our artistic products.

Dark Moon Lilith & Childhood

“Rather than withering away in exile, the Lilith shadow grows and flourishes in the same way that she was prolific in breeding demonic offspring on the shores of the Red Sea. When this aspect of Lilith’s shadow is active in our lives, our psyche becomes overwhelmed with images of revenge and retaliation. When the shadow inevitably erupts and violently breaks through our boundaries of constraint, she unleashes the terror of her vengeance.” Demetra George. Mysteries of the Dark Moon 1992

The other connection with children is the word Lullaby. “The name is from Assyrian lay’la, Hebrew Lil (night) which already in Accadian meant sorcery. It probably personified the darkness that soothed children to slumber; and the word Lullaby has been derived from Lilith Abi. ” Grace Ellery Williams

So Lullabys were originally sung to protect children from the threat of Lilith taking them while they slept! I found this quote on a religious website blaming SIDs on Lilith. “The word “lullaby” is thought to derive from an incantation designed to repel her……Take precaution by cleaning out your homes and your baby’s room of those abominable things (night lamps made like an owl, elves, smurfs, faries, etc. Toys can carry many evil powers, and which have been dedicated to a false god).”

I think the Dark Moon definitely has a Sado/Masochistic tone to it, this would be emphasized with any aspects to Pluto of course, making it dangerously so. Self destructiveness through the use of drugs is a great temptation. Like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. With the Dark Moon however, if one uses it’s energy creatively and with care. The drugs can be used in a shamanic way, to unlock the demons festering in the collective consciousness. The use of Psychedelic’s in the 60′s  inspired the explosion of music and art that came out of that period springs to mind as a good example. But it should not become a habit and that’s where the dangers with this Dark moon lie.

*Excerpt from forthcoming book. “Lilith Illuminated”, where I also look at Dark Moon Lilith in the charts of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll and Lord Byron.



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Screaming Thunder
Interesting information, seeing as I have links to the Dark Lady myself, very strong it seems. Though what I find out of place is attempt to connect Lilith and Harry Potter. While both are magickal in nature it just seems really out of place to me. Also I would not suggest encouraging drug use for a...
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