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Short story not exactly done but what do you think

In an Otherworld stood a man on the curb picking his guitar, he went into his own world, his own small paradise.

He was a quiet, Notinal man with a Peppery side yet, he never let that side Invade his calm, cool and collective side.

His father, a Loud-Mouth man, Transended his temper to his younger sister, the Dilemma in the family, the unwanted child.

His mother, a sweet, well rounded woman with a good soul, had a melt-down after he was born..he only found out a year ago she left this world...god Rest her soul.

He coutinued to pick, his foot keeping beat. People stopped flipping a quarter here and a dollar there, tapping along with him.

Children stopped and watched his fingers move swiftly and smoothly along the neck. He smiled at them as their eyes sparkled with wonder.

He closed his eyes letting his music fill his body. Music made him feel like a Freed-Man


  likes this.
Bob Ghoulio
Sitck wth it, has some potential.
xD this was based on a 10 word thing xD
Bob Ghoulio
Another 10 word thingie. Nice. :D
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