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The Magic & The Mysticism of Dragons part 1



Major Traits of Dragons

Elemental Connection: 

It is not unusual for dragons to have an elemental connection. Their color often represents the specific element they are connected with. In many myths Dragons often cause storms and other elemental disturbances.

Supernatural Abilities: 

Most Dragons have some supernatural ability. For example, silver, black and gold dragons often possess magical abilities. Silver and Gold dragons also had the ability to predict the future. Wyrms are able to achieve flight through magic rather than through their physiology.

Natural Weaponry and Armor:

All dragons had natural defensive and offensive physiological traits. Dragon scales were natural plate armor, which lead to the creation of dragon plate armor used in human defensive technology. All dragons also had natural offensive weaponry in the form of talons, occasionally their tales and the ability to breath certain elements, such as fire or ice. Though the ability to breath certain elements depended highly upon age and type.

Psychological Traits: 

All Dragons shared similar Psychological traits with each other, though some personalities depended upon the Age and color of a dragon. Some traits that they all share are: intelligence and wisdom superior to any animal, cunning, a love of gems and precious items, riddles, a playful nature, and serious pride and sensitivity to ridicule.

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