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There's a freaking tornado in my mind right now. I have SO much to think about and Idk how to process it all. Thusly why I'm so glad this site has "blogs".

I need a release and this will definitely help! So, my biggest thing is how my "friends" are confusing the living hell outta me... No matter what I do, I do something wrong in someone's eyes. I swear I could use new friens, but the ones I have, have been with me for a  very long time now, so I don't fancy the idea of losing them all... 
Then there's family issues. I try to be myself, and be kind to others, but apparently I can't do that and dress the way I do. Whats wrong with the way I look? Apparently I wear too much Rock T's, too much black and wear makeup thats too dark. And "good" "honest" and "kind" people don't look like that...If you haven't already guessed by now, a few family members of mine are VERY old fashioned. You don't even want to know what happened when certain Aunts of mine found out I had piercings and tattoos...HELLO WWIII.... Dealing with all that as we speak.

And then there's what to do with my future. Go straight to a job, go to school or both? I'm not sure I'm the type of person that can handle both, and I'm leaning towards school. Just don't know how to get that started x(

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