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Drift Away, Rise Above

I wrote this a while back ago, but revised it tonight.....


Just stop, drop and roll

Off a cliff

Off the edge of your life

Deep breaths before you take the plunge

The dive out of existence

Into a void without hope



Each second a tick on your life clock

Every second of decay


Your life runs out of the clock



You're done

Done with the pain

The agony of each breath you take

Over with endless dismay



Perceive what is wrong

All you need to do is ask

Ask for help

Shelter within faith

You can scream

You can cry out

You can whimper in distress

The world is not here

To listen

To care

Your sorrow is a whisper

 in the roar of the winds of society

They see your face

But cannot see your soul



Turning to fake

giving into judgement

Letting in the hate

Break the ropes that bind you

With a knife

With a blade

It cuts through your misery

Through the despair and the doubt



Look to light

A flicker of warmth

You will find the good

Discover your strength

Feel the love that dwells inside



Believe in beauty

Trust in yourself

Look with your heart

Feel with your soul

Don't believe all that you hear

Truth can be painted over with lies

Open up your eyes

Realize who you are

The wonder you hold within



For your hopes

For your dreams


So much time left on your life clock

You will survive

Be heard through the storm

Your life is no longer a whisper

A memory no longer left behind



After every beautiful thing

After a life of peace

Each breath taken is a step

A plunge 

A journey into the unknown



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