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Birth of Chaos Chapter 3: Trial of Terror New novel coming soon

After the talk about everything that has happen, I spoke about the situation that was happening where I lived. Also I showed him the newspaper, which I recently found during my travels here in Utah.  The old man took the newspaper and looked at it and says to us that it was, just as he feared. We asked him about any other news that happened, such as how did the virus spread and who is responsible for it.  Even though we both knew it was the governments fault behind it all, at the same time we were still unsure about what exactly happen and how it spread. The only thing we knew was staying alive is just as good as it gets. The old man looked at us with a serious face to both of us and told us to listen up. Yokisha and I looked at him very cautiously and then he tells us that once we get bitten, there was no turning back. It was hard enough for him when he was on his own, trying to survive, he did not want anything to happen to us on this journey, which we were about to face. At first Yokisha and I had clueless looks on our faces, then I asked him, what journey was he talking about and to where?  He looked at us and smiled then said that, we will find out soon. He got up to prepare things for whatever trip or places were supposed to go. Yokisha and I spoke silently to each other and I told her that, I did not want this journey. I only wanted to be safe and Yokisha was all I had for her and I both, depend on each and always there for each other as well. The old man comes back with a lot of guns, and military weaponry. He looked at us and explained to us what we were going to do next, then he told us how he used to be the prestige captain and commander in the marines.   He hands us a gun and I told him that we had weapons of our own; on top of that we were only just high school kids and knew nothing about guns nor do we know how to use them. He took the gun from Yokisha’s hand and then began to show us how to operate the gun. After he saw the weapons we did have, he smirked and then laughed. He told us we will need more than that, if we were all going to get through this. So I asked him before we got setup to leave, where were we headed to. He told me on to look for a safe place and more survivors. We got everything packed up and then, we both left his house. As we were walking Yokisha said to him, if he lives in this place, it seemed safe to me.  Then she asked him why were we looking for survivors and how could he be so sure there are survivors out there?  The old man seemed pretty nice; at first I thought that most guys from the military were scary and aggressive. However, Mr. Price was different and seemed like a good man. Along the way it was so dark, that Yokisha and I stayed close to each other, as we were both walking down the dark tunnel. Mr. Price told us silently to stay close and do not let our guards down and to remember to stay sharp. During the times we were walking, my heart was beating hard and my hands began to feel a little sweaty.  The one doubt in my mind is hoping that, Mr. Price would protect us. As we were walking, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. So we walked through and were relieved, Mr. Price told us to stay sharp. I am guessing he meant do not let our guards down.  As we continued traveling, I did a lot of thinking and I did not understand why we were both depending on this man. I guess since he is from the military he was supposed to rescue those who, survived the devastation outbreak of the virus. Mr. Price told us that he was taking us to a safe place, suddenly I asked him I was feeling a bit tired and did he have a vehicle or something we could use to get to where were are trying to go. He looked at me and said that we cannot do that, I asked why and he told me that loud noises attract attention of the infected.  I told him that it makes since although I guess a lot I did not understand. I figured that maybe he knew more safe places around this town then, well, pretty it seems right now that he is the only person that can lead us safely.  So far as we continued walking, there was no one to be seen anywhere. Suddenly Mr. Price said that starting tomorrow we were going to try and find more survivors. We finally headed to a safe place up ahead; it looked like a bar up ahead and a house far to the north right side of the hill top. When we finally reached to the top of the hill, I saw a wooden fence and a bunch of cows, a few goats and some horses. To the hill I also saw a barn on the left and half click to the north, I also saw house there. We headed for the house and looked around to make sure it was safe, Mr. Price told us to stay close.  After we searched we came across a basement door across the house from the kitchen. The house looked similar to the format of the way, my house looked like. Mr. Price carefully, opened the door and shinned some sort of flash light thing. I told him wait and stopped him, I told him that he needed this and I handed him the flashlight he gave me. He took my hands and pushed them back gently and told me, that it was okay, he had night vision googles. I popped myself across the head in duh stupid way, saying “Of Course!” ha-ha. I knew about the night vision googles but I did not know that, a military soldier uses them as much since they always fought in day light rather than at night. So Mr. Price told us to keep a look out and if we see anything to stay low and quiet.  He also told us to stay next to the door, so Yokisha and I stayed. Yokisha looked out for Price with to door open and I kept a look out on the front porch.


            Before Price headed down stairs, he starts to feel his hands against the walls, looking for a light switch or something. He found one and then, Yokisha and I looked and we were astonished at what we both saw. Price was not at all surprised, I guess when you been in the military for so many years nothing really surprises you anymore. Down Mr. Price went down the stairs, Yokisha and I went back to our positions. Suddenly there was a stench odor in the house, I thought at first it was just the garbage or the outdoors. Out of curiosity, I followed the smell and it led me to a strange door in the house. I wanted to open it, but Price stopped me just in time and he opened it. I was in shocked that he could have been one of the infected or something. So he carefully opened the door, with weapons in our hands ready to strike. Price finally opened the door and what we saw was flies everywhere and the stench odor got worse. Price turned on the light switch, and there we saw a man that hung himself in the storage closet. I wanted to scream but Yokisha kept me from screaming, and so Price took the body and buried it somewhere. Price and I were sitting in upstairs in a room; Price took these things from his bag and hung them over the window. When he was done it gotten dark in the room, so he told us we are going move out by morning. So there me and Price stayed in the room all together, me and Yokisha cuddled next to each other softly. Price got up and sat down in front of us, he was talking to us softly so that no one can hear us. He told us to do it as well, so we all talked. Price told us about himself a little bit more, he told us how he lost his lovely wife during the outbreak crisis, also his two daughters. He told us that we reminded him of his two daughters a lot. I thought to myself that, that could explain why he was being so nice to us out of the blue like this. I asked him what happen to them, and how does he know that they are alive or not? He did not know for sure but, he knew deep down in his heart that they must be. He also told me they also joined the marine’s military as well. They were young and beautiful girls ever; he talked and said that he missed them very much.  He asked about us, Yokisha and I hesitated because we never met a stranger in days since the outbreak tragedy. He sounded very nice and told us not to worry; he is not so bad once you get to know him. In addition, he told us more about himself and then we told him some things as well. Suddenly, we felt we could trust him so we told him everything. Yokisha told her part and so did I and after that, I also remembered recalling that, Mr. Price told us from the beginning that Yokisha’s grandfather and he were close good friends.  He asked what happen to him, Yokisha told him that he was already infected after we got there. So after that we both left and here were in Utah, we went into a hotel to stay in for the night. Then we both heard noises from outside and we peaked and saw you, so he was like “AAHH ha-ha oh yeah….I remember know.” We all laughed softly then there were awkward silence in the room. Yokisha asked how much did he knew about the infected. He told us that the scientists were trying to find a vaccine cure for the outbreak virus, but things went wrong. The one thing he did know was that after being infected for so long, the outbreak begins to mutate. I asked him about the mutation, and what effects does it cause. He told us that he causes the people that have been infected to mutate, having mutated abilities and become more intelligent in catching their prey. Yokisha asked him softly and silently, to prevent from being heard. Price told us that it was all he knew and been told of, the mission at the time was to make sure that no one got a hold of the experiment. I asked him how did it get out of hand, how is it that it spreads out of securities reach? Price told us that, while he was guarding the experiment with other soldiers, two scientists were working on the experiment during late hours. He said he had no idea what the experiment looked like nor could he tell what was inside. The only thing he said he saw was scientists were, going behind a huge strange emergency door. However, there were other huge containers in the laboratory, but it was foggy on the inside, that he could not tell what it was on the inside. From there I heard a big bang coming from the emergency door and it was busted down with smoke from, the destruction. I and the rest of the men were armed and ready, to open fire. So many people came out acting strange, with bloody eyes and foam saliva coming from their mouths.  So he went on and told us that the men and he took open fire, on the scientists. He told us that it was starting to be too many of them, so they had to cut their chances and leave before it was too late.  He said that he and his men tried to close the lab down and we succeeded, as so we thought. Then about two days later the next month, one of them somehow got loose and it infected the entire town. So they tried to evacuate as many people as they could, but then it was too late. Things were getting so bad that it was hard to tell from the infected and who was not.  So at that point it was every man for himself, so we all departed. After hearing his story I asked him on last question, I asked him where did the scientists find this experiment or did they create it? Mr. Prince started thinking and said to use that, it was a really good question. He did try to ask one of the scientists about it, but they would never answer his question. Only thing I do remember was, me and the rest of the army forces, were sent on a mission to a strange island. On that island was a strange broken down facility, and it had a sample that the scientists need it to continue their experiment. After hearing the story, it all sounded so interesting and at the same time it mad a lot of since. Yokisha was also surprised as well, and so she asked him was it anything that can be done to stop this virus? Mr. Price told us that he is not sure; by the looks of it he claims that there is no way it can be stopped. The only thing we could do is kill them without being killed.  I told him well…Since you put it that way I guess that makes since. Who knows the entire world might have already been infected by now. Mr. Price told us not to give your hopes up yet. He told us we will get through this together no matter what. I asked him another question, as I thought my previous question was my last but I guess not. The story of what he told us was so interesting, that we wanted to know what would happen next. I asked him what our objective is, are you planning on killing up all of the infected, or what? He told us that we are going to start first thing tomorrow, to look around to see if we can find any other survivors left if possible. After that we all thought the same that it would be impossible. In addition, I felt that the scientists have leaded the world in danger rather than finding a way to cure it. I told Mr. Price that, I suppose the government must have been behind it as well right? Mr. Price told us that the government did have their hands in it. After the conversation we all had, we all headed to sleep and blew out the candles. 

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