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Drama on imvu part 23

lnfernitylnfernity : Heya there 
lnfernity: 生きている誰ですか?
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: i dont know japaneses
Guest_Spadichia: i am still learning
lnfernity: there is a translator 
lnfernity: so much fun 
Guest_Spadichia: i dont use translators
lnfernity: well obviously you came in to learn japanese stuff no?
Guest_Spadichia: they do not propertly
Guest_Spadichia: teach us
lnfernity: no?
Guest_Spadichia: its more like a cheat sheet
lnfernity: But
lnfernity: Ok look I really dont care for your opinions on the matter ;o
lnfernity: Mk
Guest_Spadichia: well neither do i
lnfernity: I just havent used one on imvu and I thought it was good.
lnfernity: Then drop it
Guest_Spadichia: since you suggested we use a translator
Guest_Spadichia: you drop it first
Guest_Spadichia: then maybe i will too
Guest_Spadichia: didnt think so
Guest_Spadichia: mk
lnfernity: My god your an idiot.
Guest_Spadichia: and your telling me to drop it?
Guest_Spadichia: your not as bright as i thought apparently
lnfernity has left the chat
Guest_Spadichia: ha XD
Guest_Spadichia: it takes an idiot to know one
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: that was a bit harsh........
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Whispering to
Stop whisper


Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: he didnt seem too bad
Guest_Spadichia: well he was act diabolical
Guest_Spadichia: and i did not like that
Guest_Spadichia: but i guess he is ok otherwise
Guest_Spadichia: i just do not like it when people say stuff like that to others, cause i used to use translators a lot when i was learning other languages and, it did not help me.
Guest_Spadichia: and he had act retarded about it
Guest_Spadichia: for no reason, which i see wrong with him
Guest_Spadichia: in that departement. not saying i am perfect either
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: retarted is a rude word to use
Guest_Spadichia: well the way he acting was rude as well
Guest_SpadichiaGuest_Spadichia : and plus he started it
Guest_Spadichia: instead just being considerate, but whats done is done.
Guest_Spadichia: and also he called me an idiot
Guest_Spadichia: if i recall which is also a rude word use
Guest_SpadichiaGuest_Spadichia Guest_Spadichia : so there
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: retarted is a meantal disese(sorry for my spelling)
Guest_Spadichia: well so calling someone an idiot
Guest_Spadichia: and its fine my english bad myself sometimes lol.
Guest_Spadichia: any rude word pretty much is a mental disease
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: retarted IS one and its extremely rude to the people of have it
Guest_Spadichia: Well i guess once you look at it, some people always stand up for those that act niave of the fact he was rude from start for no reason. which proves that, i said nothing rude towards him yet just reasoning to him.
Guest_Spadichia: yea and retarded is not the only rude word out their
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: true but you should'nt use it,and you were rude as he was
Guest_Spadichia: well he should not use iduot
Guest_Spadichia: idiot
Guest_Spadichia: and i did not say anything rude to him
Guest_Spadichia: like that
Guest_Spadichia: i said after he left
Guest_Spadichia: thus what can i say some people are just niave like that
Guest_Spadichia: thus i am only saying it is what it is
Guest_Spadichia: regardless
Guest_Spadichia: you never seen me or saw me use a swearing language have it?
Guest_Spadichia: *you?
Guest_Spadichia: so there thats fact
Guest_Spadichia: lol. most people do not know how to go around without using swearing languages
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: yes you said rude things,not names,not swears,but pharses that was ruse
Guest_Spadichia: i did not say rude things
Guest_Spadichia: things is like more than one
Guest_Spadichia: you only said that i said retarded
Guest_Spadichia: even though it was rude
Guest_Spadichia: your forgetting the fact that calling someone en idiot?
Guest_Spadichia: Well just forget it
Guest_Spadichia: and
Guest_SpadichiaGuest_Spadichia : some people are just simple that but sorry for rude words if that makes you feel better
Guest_Spadichia: i just do not like people that are smart allicks
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: brb
LastExileTM has joined the chat
Guest_XxxxxxxBunnyxxxxx: hi
LastExileTM: ヒィヒィ~




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