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Need to vent...

Yeah, I've been everywhere but where I want to be lately. I'm doing most things for other people rather than myself. Most times I don't mind, but since recently I get 0 appreciation for it, its starting to bug me. Do you think I work this stupid job just for myself? Sure, the $$$ is a great thing. But the environment is enough to drive me crazy! I've run into old co-workers, and any time I bring the place up, they all say the same thing ; "Never again..I'm surprised you're still there."  
Now, I'm not unrealistic. I know that no one really loves working. I just wish I at least felt okay while I'm there. NOPE. I just end up with headaches, and its always too damned hot.

I'm doing this so we can get out of this stupid town. Growing up I loved it here with all of my little heart. Then I grew up. Becoming an adult does that to you I guess. Wish I'd have known this ahead of time!
I very much want to move the 2 of us to a better place. I'm sorry I complain about work, but I'm not the only one. You do the same thing xP

We all do. It's just a part of who we are. I'd like to meet the one person who goes home and doesn't tell their friends/family about their rough day at work.  Because that is a lot of pent up bull crap right there.

I hope I don't sound like a total b****. Because that isn't me at all. I just haven't been able to share my feelings on these subjects in quite a while. THANK GOD for music...I'd lose my mind if I couldn't chill with it. blog is completely random tonight. Oh well, I needed it.
I came home tonight and baked cookies...Stress baking? Probably.  
Anyway, I think I'm good now. At least for tonight ;-) 

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