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iOS 7 Tips For My Fellow Techie Goths

So, I upgraded to iOS 7 yesterday, and immediately discovered a couple of things I didn't like, and figured I would share.

1. If you have a game that will not work, try going into Settings | Notification Center. Look for your game there, and make sure you fully turn on notifications for the game. There is apparently a bug that is causing some games that were perfectly fine with notifications turned off in iOS 6 to not load in iOS 7.

2. The new iTunes app will, by default, include all songs you have downloaded to your device AND all the songs you have purchased on iTunes that exist in the cloud. I like to simply shuffle my entire song list, and I was noticing stuff I didn't even put on my phone was playing on my list. Turns out, it was playing these out of the cloud, which, of course, uses your data. If you want to make sure you don't run up your data, go to Settings | Music and make sure the "Show All Music" setting is turned off.

3. Help save battery by turning off AirDrop. From the lock screen, you will find a dash at the bottom of the screen. Slide it up, select AirDrop, then select Off.

There also seems to be a bug when setting your wallpaper that it only lets you zoom in, but does not let you zoom out. Many have reported this, and are hoping this is fixed in the next update. My wallpaper does not sit on my screen as I like any more, because it is automatically zoomed in some, and I can't zoom out from that point. Rather annoying, I must say.

That is all I have so far. Will update if I find anything else.
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Ulka X Panzer
Good critique. =^.^=
great helpful information. People been bugging me all day on FB about what good and what bad is about iOS7. 
i had to come in early at work today to start checking all the phones with 0s7
Bob Ghoulio
Very informative, even though I don't plan to buy an i-Phone or an iOS anytime soon. I am lucky if I can use my Smartphone without destroying it or sending it into another dimension! LOL! Seriously, I have heard very little about the iOS 7 since it came out. Thanks for sharing. UPDATE: I talked to m...
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