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Healthy Living

My philosophy on healthy living is to eat healthy and use home remedies for ailments. I could not stand living with someone who runs to a doctor for every little sniffle, ache, or injury. Also I loathe people who live very unhealthy lives and use meds and doctors to sustain themselves. The culture that has devolved to where many people don't take any responsibility for their health and pay doctors and drug companies lots of money to pump them with meds and do surgeries to keep them alive. I see so many people who have through diet have abused their body and made it a nasty and deformed mutation. It's loathsome. For example at a restaurant I once saw a woman who looked 30ish and was a huge blob of a body riding one of those electric scooters. When her order came it was about the size of 2 or 3 dinner entrees. It made me feel sick and I probably ate less of my little meal. I'm totally for having scientifically based doctors and medications as well as legitimate alternative medicine (homeopathy for example being total quackery) but is a responsible system where they are realistically affordable and used as a last resort if something is beyond your own efforts at home to deal with.

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