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Lucid dreams...

Ever since I quit work and have been sleeping properly at night, I've been having terrifically vivd and intense dreams. Figured I may as well share a few of them; the ones that are worth writing down, anyways.

Last night I dreamed that intelligent, powerful, and rather violent aliens that were physically identical to humans arrived and more or less took over the earth. Their law was for all of us to accept the new leadership (which was better than our current american government.)
Most humans submitted- Apparently being a traditionalist, I fought tooth and nail. Soon, word was getting around about my (and my few friends') raids and sabotage... Soon I was wanted and fought instead to avoid being captured.
Eventually, they netted me... I remember being drugged and taken to a tall building in the country... Similar to a Catholic church on steriods- but without without the stained glass. Dark place.
I was kept there for months, every movement controlled by another authority. I was starved and reduced to begging for food... 90% of the time, I was locked in a 10'/10' room with a small white bed as the only furnishing.
As part of the brainwashing, good behavior was rewarded, bad behavior was punished. As the long days passed and my fighting spirit was drained from me via blankness and blackness, I became docile and obedient. There was one, a female, that treated me well and was sympathetic to me.
A year to the day of being taken, I was finally freed and allowed outside. I meandered about blissfully, a little bit of curious nostalgia tugging at my heart. There was a rotting house trailer nearby, and I recognized it- I ran towards it full speed- and there were my friends, long-term camping out in there, waiting for me. After our joyful reunion, and my nearly instant return to my own mind, the war was on again.
When I returned to my 'masters', bringing my friend as a 'recruit', they welcomed him with open arms, trusting him implicitly. We were allowed free run of the premises, and strolled to a little barn out back- he made sure I was safe (Although in control of my mind, being caged had atrophied my muscles to the point of making me USELESS in a fight.)
Just as he departed, two 6'5 gents strolled in; I recognized my tormenters. These two had never believed that I'd truly accepted the Intruder's leadership. Furtively looking around, one grabbed me and another quickly found a length of rope, effectivly looping it into a quick noose. He even found a chair. The other dragged me forward, roughly picking me up and making me stand on the chair...
Just as the noose was settled and tightened, and the chair kicked out from under me, my friends came charging in, guns blazing. I was slipping into unconciousness as someone slashed the rope... I rolled over and recognised my female protector; but my relationship with her shattered like glass as she saw the humans, my friends, fighting to protect me. She raised her gun to my forehead, clearly intent on doing her duty... But one of my friends shot her in the arm and she rolled away without pulling the trigger.
The noise of the gunfight called other aliens to the scene and we scattered- i didn't have time for anything more than an apologetic look at my protector- then I was whisked away.
I remember hiding in the inner building- there were human children in their 'school', and they hid me from my pursuers.
Eventually I escaped... I and one other friend. Months passed and I realized that my memory was deteriorating... The mental strain of the brainwashing literally destroyed me over time. By the end of the dream, I'd done enough work to make the intruders desire nothing more than to escape this planet, but I was unable to remember my own name.

Then came the horrible jolt of waking to this particular reality... And here we are.
Screaming Thunder
Sheesh that's more vivid  than the dreams I have.
But I will say with astral projection I could have been one of those humanoid aliens ^.^
And they say that all dreams are real, but exist with your spirit flying away at night to other worlds. You might have experienced an alternate universe.
I'v always wondered if that's what dreaming is... Came across the idea when I was 14 and was thereon fascinated.
Shall I continue posting dreams...?
Screaming Thunder
Please do post more, I am quite intrigued.
Keep in mind that those dreams are more real than your experiences on earth.
They also could lead to a future of good development for yourself should you chose to learn from them.
* . . A rat skulks by . . * . . ImNotEvenGoth is not on here to gain new friends it seems . . And judged by his chosen nick , he shoulden´t be online here at all . .  . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
I agree, I came here to get away from judgmental people like that asshole.
. . If ImNotEvenGoth goes on like this he will be bounced outta here faster than Satan gobbles a priests soul at XMaz eve . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Honestly, I think he only bullies people because the only girl he can date is his left hand. I seriously despise ignorant people, who think that a legitimate reason to bully people is "they are different"

I personally have dealt with judgement like what this guy is dishing out for 13 years, it sucks....
I enjoyed that very much.
Considering his ultra-creative comments, I'm not sure if it's even an insult... I'm kinda giggling... ^_^!!
By the by, thank you for sticking up for me, guys. *hugs*
Robin B. Czar
Have you tried dream interpretation?
Frequently. <3
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